Feb 12, 2015

The Mechanics of Leveling


The following chart was created by Trevor Fougere of the {ASS} Family and shows what it takes to become a serial leveler. It should be clear by now that doing well and finishing events requires serial leveling (and scripts). If you think it’s too late to start, it’s not. There is a group called the Serial Leveling & Kamikaze School that will help. There are many tips and tricks and players can ask questions based on their unique accounts.


  1. The best I have found:

    De Aar (South Africa)

    Get Sworn In As President 4.34 10.5 Ratio 2.419

    Offer Your Associates Key Roles In The Cabinet 5.58 13.5 Ratio 2.419

    1. What about consumables and money for them though?

      Also what districts are they in?

  2. How do you get to enter this skool?

  3. Click the link, hit request to join, wait for someone to add you and boom you are in :)

  4. They are really good about helping you understand the game and helping to make your account better and stronger.

  5. All ratios under fighting dont match reality.

  6. Get Sworn In As President requires a consumable, establish martial law gives a consumable, so you add this to your script, when you have consumables, it will give better xp, when your out, eml will run giving you some more consumables, win win.

  7. Trevor updated the chart so the ratios are closer to what we see. If you remember, they got messed up a while back and Zynga has never fixed them to be what they intended. The overall gist of this chart was to get a good idea of what is needed to serial level and I think with or without accurate fight or arena ratios it did just that. Very nice chart Trevor.

  8. When I do shootout arena, I get xp payouts of 2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0, 1.9, 1.8 respectively depending on position. When I do mob fury, I get 2.3xp if winning MVP, else winning side gets 2.25xp and losing side gets 2.0xp, regardless of position.

  9. Also remember the extra Energy and Stamina we get from builds. It all helps! Thanks for the chart, Trevor. Awesome job!


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