Feb 12, 2015

Skill-Stir Update: All New Deals


The Skill-Stir has been (will be) updated to include new deals. The ‘All New Deals’ label started to appear shortly before timer on the last one expired so a breakdown of the new deals will come the next time it is offered. Jo grabbed a screen shot of one of the deals and it’s better than a 2X Property Build so this may be a feature to stop ignoring in the future. It still seems ridiculous that you have to spin something to buy something. Why not just offer the deals and let players pick the one they want without having to go through all the hassles of spinning something 200 or 250 times?


  1. You should know full well by now that zynga games is a common sense free zone

  2. Health dropped to 06 RP. IMHO, the only value here.


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