Feb 21, 2015

Slaughter Season 13


The 13th Slaughter Season is now available. Collect 4,000 Pennants (another nerf as it was 3,000 last time) to get the maximum number of rewards. Since this is the 13th time this event has been released, I won’t go into all the details. If you need more information, go here.



  1. I am not happy about the raise to 4k. Making it easier and lowering it back to 2k would be better since fighting is so slow and has issues on a good day.

  2. I would agree, especially since they made it to where half the Arena ices don't count. I don't really try anymore as I refuse to use kami's to get the milestone...but thats just me.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that half the Arena ices don't count. I simply could not figure out why the ices I was getting weren't counting as much as I thought they should. This is tough for me to complete with 14k stamina; I have friends with half that amount who are crying because they stand no chance of getting to Ruby or Diamond level.

  3. I use Arena and now I am at 2300 pennants. Icing in fight isn´t a good way how to achieve it.

  4. Not sure I'll be able to finish this one.
    I think 4000 is too many for anyone old school who wants to get "proper" ices rather than stay in the arena. Which many can't in any case, because they don't have the stamina or aren't able to serial level.
    3000 was pretty tough for me but I usually managed it. I'd be quite happy with a lower level of rewards for achieving that.

  5. now over 9500 pennants from arena, not serial leveler. I have almost 40k stam

  6. Another reward for 24/7 script players --- no manual player could ever get 4,000. Hypocrisy alive and well. As a script player who plays a few hours every day, I will be lucky to get to a low diamond level with 16k stamina and 700k attack.


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