Feb 21, 2015

Job Board 11


The 11th Job Board is now available. The loot was added to the inventory 9 days ago so there was probably a delay [1]. The good news is it’s a Mafia Leaderboard and if you really want the loot you can kick the players ahead of you out of your mafia. The tracker item is the Greenhopper and only drops from jobs done in Mexico. If it helped you 9 days ago, it may not be very useful today. If it helps you today it probably won’t remain active for very long.



  1. the drop rate is terrible i have done 187 jobs in Mexico and have only got 8 greenhoppers from them.

  2. not just mine then x

  3. I kicked pour Bob out of my Mafia to "CHEAT" and get ahead of him but he is still in the list!!! poo
    Andy Grecco


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