Feb 27, 2015

Offshore Turfs (version 2) Secret District: Janitzio/Caymen Islands


The 2nd version of the Offshore Turfs Secret District is now available. There isn’t a new FAQ but the old one can be found here. I haven’t looked at the energy requirements yet but it doesn’t look like Zynga changed anything. I guess they didn’t listen to the feedback from the survey they asked us to take on this miserable event [1]. At the very least, the 30 minute timer for the boss fight should have been changed. It’s not our fault that due to loading issues it sometimes takes 30 minutes just to get the game running! A walkthrough will be posted later on.



  1. I'm using the "walk away" instead of the "walk through." Skipped the last one, skipping this one. ;)


  2. Not in a million years. Zynga wont learn and listen

  3. I want zynga to answer my question on why does it cost me 4x more energy to do these jobs than someone who is the approximate same level as I am but chose not to add energy to their account. I was fine with them basing energy and stamina on levels because I built my account right. People shouldn't be punished for adding energy, and those who chose not to add energy shouldn't be given easy breaks.

  4. i didnt even think about it to waste my energy / stamina for this event cause the loot and the XP payout is shit


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