Feb 27, 2015

Final Day for 4 Events


Today is the last day for the Challenge Mission, Slaughter Season and Job Board. It’s also the last day for the VIP timer of the Hockey Arena Limited Time Property. Maybe Zynga synchronized them to all end at the same time but they should have waited 1 day to release the Family Dominance and Offshore Turf Secret District. The events are so out of control that I don’t think Zynga even knows which way is up or down. They obviously don’t know the meaning of less is more. With all the loading and newsfeed issues, a break is what most players probably want.



  1. I feel event fatigue setting in :(

  2. A break is not in Zynga's vocabulary, apparently. My head is spinning just trying to take it all in and decide where to use my resources to get the best rewards. UGHS!

  3. or everyone would complain there's never enough to do lol


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