Feb 18, 2015

Blazing Backfire Limited Time Mission Walkthrough


The Blazing Backfire Limited Time Mission is only available to VIP subscribers. Non-VIP subscribers will see a banner but won’t get the event unless they subscribe. Surely a Limited Time Mission isn’t very good incentive. This Mission isn’t easier than the others, you will need to do a lot of Arenas, a ton of robbing, farm consumables and do jobs with bad ratios and wait to collect, craft things, declare or win things. The rewards aren’t worth it and the hassle of doing these Missions might cause VIP subscribers to unsubscribe. With the loading issues and bugs, this plan may just ‘backfire’ on Zynga. If these become a regular thing, I probably won't do future walkthroughs. It will depend on how many read this and if I want to partake in this so called benefit. All 11 Mission parts and a breakdown of the rewards are shown below. If you aren’t a VIP subscriber, it might be fun to look at all the bullshit you won’t have to deal with

I don’t know why but there seems to be some confusion over whether or not all players will get this Mission. Normally Missions are released to VIP subscribers a day or two before everyone else but that is called ‘Early Access’. This is called ‘VIP Exclusive’ so it won’t be released to all players. The VIP Bounty is an example of a VIP Exclusive event. If the labels aren’t enough to give it away, the instructions clearly state that it is only for VIP subscribers.

Part 1: Hot Goods
Part 2: Mixed Up
Part 3: Spirit Away
Part 4: Something Fishy
Part 5: New Supplier
Part 6: Less Talk
Part 7: Eyes On Target
Part 8: Payable on Death
Part 9: Profit And Loss
Part 10: Big Competition
Part 11: Back On Track

-Job List

Job 1: South Africa
Job 2: Chicago
Job 3: Mexico
Job 4: London
Job 5: Brazil (consumable required)
Job 6: London (consumable required)
Job 7: South Africa (consumable required)
Job 8: Mexico (consumable required)
Job 9: South Africa (consumable required)
-Consumable List

Consumable 1: Farm in Brazil District 5
Consumable 2: Farm in London District 4
Consumable 3: Farm in South Africa District 6
Consumable 4: Farm in Mexico District 11
Consumable 4: Farm in South Africa District 5

Zynga is hoping that the rewards will be enough to get players to subscribe to the VIP Membership Program. They aren’t worth $24.97 and doing all the work to get them should cause potential customers to think twice. If Zynga wanted to make this Mission more desirable they would have made it easier and they should have changed to loot drops. We are all sick of seeing the same old loot drop in Missions and it would be nice if they changed it up. I’m not sure if you sign up for a free trial if you will get access or not. It shows an image of a reward point on the rewards sections of the instructions but there aren’t any included.


  1. I agree, walkthroughs are valuable but for these sorts of exclusive events, I think the VIP subscribers will be able to handle it without one.

  2. thanks for the walkthrough, it did help knowing what consumables I needed. It was nice to see them using old ones instead of the barrels which I didn't have.

  3. Well if everyone else has to make do with the urban assault style missions from now on then the VIP get the urban assault missions like everyone else of course but then these old style missions as well as I think it's safe to say there won't be another closing down mission event of an older destination before the new destination is released. They aint gonna close it down for VIP members but then leave it open for all the free players.

  4. ...wishing I wasn't a VIP subscriber... then I wouldnt have my ocd telling me I have to do it. .. maybe Zynga could think about throwing these events at non VIP, s instead and we could laugh at them... that would give more people an incentive to subscribe

  5. Thank you for the walkthrough. I forgot how tedious this old style missions were with all the wait. And, I was itching to subscribe because if there is an event I just have to play it. Not now. :)

  6. i think Zynga should split the vip player and non vip player

  7. Thanks friend for the walk through.
    You know that once you get to what ever level as a VIP they let you have a 2 day start (whether that makes any difference or not I don't know)
    Perhaps they might conceder doing the same for all members.

  8. Thanks, this helped me decide to stop going on with this mission

  9. Got to part 8, the one that makes you kill Agent Miller 163 times. Easy enough to do if you want to click on it 163 times. Not so sure I want to.

  10. thanks for the walk thru it helps immensely
    & you guys do Great work & supply a vast amount of info & tips
    Thank You

  11. Thank you for the walkthru - I intend to stop at part 8 as the rewards aren't worth the effort.

  12. What a GREAT way for Zynga to make us waste all of our Deton-haters JUST in time for the release of the next Urban Assault... which undoubtedly will ALSO require Deton-haters ;) Is anyone else feeling a bit hated by Zynga? I feel like I'm being punished, lol... if they wanna throw this crap at us... at least make the jobs so that we don't waste our consumables on useless moronic missions... and then right after release Urban assault, haha... they sure know how to keep their VIP subscribers happy... which also shows in the next two sets of VIP benefits, haha... what a J - O - K - E !!!

  13. Use assassin NPC from the spockholm toolbar search box to repeat kill Agent Miller, saves clicks and time as this game's almost dead playing manually LOL, couldn't imagine trying to play without a bit of script help these days :P

  14. I can't even complete this not enough energy I guess.nor enough stamina can only get a few kills in arena so I given up on this urban assault But thanks for your help & advice


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