Feb 18, 2015

Cartel Clash Day 3: Blue Team Wins the War


The results for day 3 of the Cartel Clash are shown below. Once again the Blue Team takes a landslide victory and is the official winner of this war. Had it not been for Kent Nielsen rounding up the troops and getting all the top icing families to pick the same side, this event could have been a lot different. The group will stay together for future events in which the community has the opportunity to come together. Zynga could learn what the players like from this event. They might think we all like to have conflict with other players but in the end helping others is what this game is about. Thanks to Lindsay Richmond for the banner screen shot.


1 comment:

  1. Thank you. Yes, this is a Social Game and over the years they've taken that aspect away and made it into a begging game. Thanks to everyone who got us all on the same page because helping each other is so much better!


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