Nov 1, 2014

Killer Instinct 7


The second one competitive event ends another swiftly takes it place. The 7th running of the Killer Instinct event has began and it’s as if Zynga totally forgot they are sponsoring 2 Mock Wars at the same time. Not to mention the Challenge Mission and Halloween Horror events which are running simultaneously. It’s hard these days just to keep up with stuff, let alone participate in everything or complete anything. Blogging about the game has turned into a nightmare and it's more work than it is fun.  I see a huge decline in interest and that doesn't do much for motivation. It’s probably because nobody has time to do anything else but play Mafia Wars! I never wanted this site to become a copy/paste type of blog. If you can see and read something in your game there certainly isn’t really a need to make a log post out of it. Sadly this is about all I have the desire for at this time. For details on how the current (nerfed) structure of this event works, go here.



  1. I would say a copy/paste type of blog is quite appropriate for Mafia Wars given that is how Zynga creates the game in the first place.

  2. As one who does not ever participate in these mock events (Heck, I never knew such a thing existed till recently) I find the "entire" community based events not so bad at all. Mock wars are a cool feature, but you can't alienate those who don't participate in events that cater to only a portion of the community. Some of us that still enjoy the game, the events (even as generically stamped out as they are), the special features that those without monster stamina and energy numbers can participate are a nice add to the game and I still find them interesting. There are casual players in the game, my player list is filled with them. They just play when they want to, enjoy the game and participate in the events and if they don't finish no big deal. I do appreciate what you have done over the years posting about events and changes, thank you. There is a lot of life to live, if you don't enjoy this, do something that you do enjoy, life is short, enjoy it while you can :-) -Lonnie

  3. I couldn't agree more, i am finding it harder everyday to keep the enthusiasm and motivation to play the game. The devious things Zynga are resorting to in manipulating the game are becoming more and more with the worst part being they really don't try to hide what they are doing. It seems the stronger you are in the game the more you get put on.
    Things are crazy when there is so much going on that the only hope you have of finishing is by purchasing reward points which i flatly refuse to do simply because i dont want to be forced into it by Zynga's underhand tactics.
    When i started playing, over five years ago i spent everyday building up my resources as i'm sure we all have, only to realise that it is a futile exercise as the more you gain the more Zynga ramp up the requirement to participate. Look at that last mission and all the consumables required, i worked out very quickly with a bit of simple math that i had no chance of getting the whole thing done without buying points. I realise Zynga are a business but as it stands their business will soon be a desolate one if they keep up this business ideal.


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