Nov 3, 2014

Halloween Horror Robbing Improvement


There is a bit of good news regarding the Halloween Horror event.  Zynga actually listened to all the rants from players with high stamina pools having a hell of a time collecting Dark Lanterns [1]. The drop rate from robbing has improved dramatically. The screen shot below is one that I didn’t have the patient to capture just a few days ago. Increasing the drop rate is a great change but it would be much better if Zynga would make robbing more efficient. Even with Rob Squads robbing is one of the most painfully slow aspects of the game. Before the update I needed to spend about 9,000 stamina to get 1 items and after now I’m getting 1 item per about 1,000 stamina. Thanks to Connar J Simkin and Gary Phillips for posting on our fan page.


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