Nov 3, 2014

Challenge Mission Glitch Rollbacks


Zynga doesn’t seem to have time to fix the long standing bugs in the game but as soon as there is a glitch in favor of the players they are on it like white on rice! Players who collected multiple parts from the never ending collect button were rolled back [1]. They don’t mention the other glitches involving this event as well as the Halloween Horror event and we won’t go into details. Hopefully enough players got to keep some of the items they certainly had fun acquiring. Zynga should take note that somebody had fun playing this game and try not to be the fun zappers that they are! The FAQ explaining why it was so important to fix something that nobody really cares about can be found here. Most players don’t even do these Challenge Missions anymore and it wouldn’t have killed them to give a few players a break. After all it’s only loot and a smidgen of skill points that were to be gained. 



  1. yup, 4 accounts and do not bother with this thing

  2. I never know of any glitch till it's over.

  3. 1 acc - and i give a pooh to the news!

  4. Why does it always seem to be such an uphill struggle playing a game that is supposed to be on a level playing field???? lol

  5. Yeah, I don't do anything anymore except the daily crafting and daily take. And I'm even considering dropping the daily take. Don't really need the 1 RP, anyway.

    Wish the game would hurry up and shut down already, frankly. This ship has sailed long ago.

  6. This game used to be fun to play, but now is all about collecting money from players. They're making sure that if you don't pay you won't have fun for no reason. Zynga now is a public company and their main goal is to grow their revenue.


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