Oct 19, 2014

The Jellyfish Equation


Apparently, in order to be a bad ass Mafioso you must have Jellyfish and you need a lot of them! The Urban Assault Missions bring us Rainbow Jellyfish and they are causing issues. As with any Mission requiring a loot drop in the Arena the Jellyfish don’t appear to be dropping for all players and there are reports about it from all over the globe. The #1 reason these don’t drop is that players enter the wrong type of Arena. If you are in a Mob Fury Arena no matter how well you do there will be no Jellyfish for you. You have to enter Shootout Arenas. The next reason players may not see any Jellyfish drop is because they haven’t refreshed the game. Zynga makes tracking things difficult with these Missions because a refresh is needed in order to see any progress. Before freaking out about the lack of Jellyfish, refresh the game and check again. The last reason (excluding bugs) you may not see any Jellyfish is their drop rate is dependent on the amount of stamina used. If you use 100% of your stamina in a Shootout Arena than you should get about 7 of them. Testing shows that 1 Jellyfish will drop per about 15% of your stamina pool used. If you have issues using your stamina than a moving to a 500 Arena or using Kamikaze Power Up can help. Of course there could be bugs on certain accounts that prevent Jellyfish from dropping at all and we have seen many reports of this. The numbers used here were based on testing with accounts that have no problems with the Jellyfish and are shown for those who do in case they aren’t meeting the minimum stamina per Jellyfish threshold.



  1. Hey, you aren't a badass mafioso without jellyfish, lol. :)

  2. I have found that on Shootout Arena loot drop missions, you have to start with your FULL complement of stamina and burn through it to get 6 items -- even one fight drops you to 5 items. Having a couple hundred stam left unused won't hurt -- as long as the maximum possible power attacks were used in the arena, you should get 6 if you started with full stam. For high stam players, that will mean a using a kami -- I have 55K stam and 75K combined power, and can never burn through a shootout arena without a kami, except during the recent arena loot event where the timers were halved.


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