Oct 19, 2014

Collectable Stat Cards Set 37: Freaky & Fangtastic


The 37th set of Collectable Stat Cards is now available. Freaky & Fangtastic is the theme and based on the color of the banner this could be for Halloween. The cards themselves aren’t really Halloweenish like the Spooktastic Stat Cards of last year were.  Once again these are coming on 3 week intervals instead of 4 weeks and it makes me wonder why. The best part about Collectable Stat Cards is the Stat Card Stakes component because you can end up with over +60 free skill points for very minimal effort. If you do purchase the entire set it will cost around 1,800 reward points and this is not the best deal for skill points. As always, it’s best to wait for 2X Property Builds.

Zynga got very lazy with this set. There are plenty of images in the inventory that could have better fit this theme. Other than Freddy Kruegers paw, I don’t really see anything Halloween here.

Series I-IV
Reward Series
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