Oct 31, 2014

{FOX} Mock War Participation Loot Form


If you are participating in the {FOX} Family Mock War this week-end AND you want the loot reward when it’s over you need to fill out the following form. Use the link below to access it. If Zynga is going to add another layer of red tape to the Mock War process than they should also be posting about it. Many who participate will forgot or won’t know to fill this out and won’t get the loot item. This will make some players angry and they may stop participating in these events all together. These Mock Wars are supposed to be fun. Having 2 at the same time and needing to register, split your time and fill out extra forms is making them exhausting.



  1. Just thinking out loud here but couldn't mwlists.com compile a list of IDs based on the event bucket? Would be a great new bucket feature especially in the light of Zynga requiring a list.

    1. Im doing the one for MIG, and yes u can get the ID's from the Bucket yourself..... its what im doing


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