Sep 13, 2014

Urban Assault: Timer Extension Needed


The following is a detailed walkthrough of just one of the 50 Urban Assault Missions. Technically there are only 30 Missions but the 10 Reward Station Missions have 3 levels each. The reason for this post is to demonstrate just how much work it takes for 1 Mission and show that a timer of 10 days is not enough. This could be a fun event but the stress of a timer along with other concurrently running timed events is turning it into something that it shouldn’t be. Lets look at the Reward Station shown on the grid below. Opening up the icon shows I need to loot 30, 45 and 90 Hip No Tiez from the job “Bribe The Pilot When You’re Discovered”.  Reward Station tasks do not reset once you get to the next tier so 90, not 30+45+90, is the total amount of items I need to loot to get all 3 Bullets. On the surface this looks easy enough but lets go check it out….

The ‘Go Now’ button takes me to District 3 of Mexico. Most players should have this unlocked by now but there are quite a few who don’t have enough energy to do jobs in Mexico and may not have made it. If that is the case then this Mission can not be started until District 3 is unlocked.
The job required is the last one in the district and requires currency and a consumable as well as a lot of energy (energy requirements are on a gradient based on level and won’t be the same for all accounts).  If you have issues with Pesos or don’t have any consumables on hand than this Mission is going to be a nightmare. You will need to do many more jobs than the number stated on the Mission because the Hip No Tiez drop rate is not 100%.
The consumable item required just to do this job is the Guiding Light.
Unless you are the type of player who plans ahead and farms extra consumables, you will run out at some point in the process. You will constantly run out of energy and if you don’t have a lot of Pesos the road blocks are even worse. The only thing that isn’t bad about this job is the ratio of 2.292.
drop3Now that we have all the bad news associated with the required job, lets take a look at the job that makes consumables.  This one is bad because it also requires currency and the ratio is 2.095 which will most likely interfere with leveling.
The drop rate for Guiding Lights is about 35% and considering this isn’t even the job you need to do for the Mission it's not good at all. I did 200 jobs, got 72 Guiding Lights and it cost a total of 2,131,600 energy and 8,400 Pesos.
Now it’s time to check the Hip No Tiez drop rate to try to figure out how many consumables you will need. If the Mission task were to just do the job than it would be much simpler. Unfortunately you have to do jobs until the required number of items drop so you really don’t know how jobs you need to do. In the run below I had 81 Guiding Lights on hand so I was able to do 81 jobs. After spending 1,021,005 energy and 6,282 Pesos I ended up with only 35 Hip No Tiez items! This puts the drop rate at about 43% so I can estimate that I will need to do about 211 jobs to get 90 of these items. That means I need to go back and do about another 300-500 consumable jobs to meet the objective.
It took a while but I eventually got it done. My account can serial level so it was just a matter of babysitting my scripts to make sure I didn’t come short of leveling. Technically we aren’t even supposed to use script so I’m not sure how Zynga thinks anyone has the finger strength to get this task done.
I’m not sure how players who don’t have enough energy in their pool to do this job are going to manage [1]. The truth is that many won’t be able to finish this task in the time allotted. Sadly it’s the fighters who have energy issues and it’s almost as if Zynga doesn’t want them to finish events. Maybe Zynga is hoping these players will spend the same amount of money on building energy as they did to build strength.  
As stated in the Urban Assault Mission Walkthrough, this event is a super-sized Limited Time Mission. The timer just doesn’t make sense. Titanium and above VIP players get 11 days and all others get 10 days to finish it. The last Limited Time Mission, Killer Cargo, had a timer of 17 days for eligible VIP players and 15 days for all others.
Some people complain when we suggest timer extensions but I don’t think this is an unreasonable request for the Urban Assault Missions. Many players were excited when this thing was released and it is cool to have something different in the game. I would think Zynga would want this feature to be around for more than 10 short days. When Mafia Blackjack was introduced it was impossible to complete within the original 10 day timer . The timer was extended twice for this event and it ended up sticking around for 21 days [1], [2].  The same thing needs to happen with this event or it will be another fail for Zynga and many players.


  1. Excellent post... thank you... I am a fighter and I struggle beyond belief with this due to low energy pool and insanely high energy required jobs... the energy I have just doesn't sit well with the amount of energy jobs cost... Zynga dropped the ball on these events when putting the gradient based on level rather than energy pools... 21 days seems more reasonable... or maybe even longer... some are REALLY struggling just to get to 30 to finish the 1-bullet mastery :)

    Hope Zynga listens and changes this... stamina jobs seems to be on a gradient based on stamina pools... why can't energy be the same way? :)

  2. That was a very nice breakdown of the mission ,i think maybe one of your best.

  3. I am done with this event and have been for more than 24 hours, its not en extension that's needed it an option to pay to reset. It would be awesome if they would add one of these and a family business once a week. The game is getting boring and there is nothing to do than just to burn stamina and energy.

    1. Then quit... not everyone has it as easy as you...

    2. Your comment shows that you have the intelligence of a jello fish!

      Why should I quit when I am the one who build my account right and is able to do the tasks they roll out?

      So while you are busy telling everyone to quit while you sit around crying "I'm a fighter I have no energy" Some of us REAL fighters know that we need energy and that it doesn't matter if we have 5K, 50K or 500K stamina as long as we can serial level we will never run out of bullets, So maybe you should take you own advise? Or at least try to adapt to the changes in the game or you will be the one left behind!

      No more crying and moaning from the likes off you, its a game and its supposed to be fun don't enjoy it because you have a crappy account? Change it! Plain and simple! .

    3. Your comment shows that you have the intelligence of a jello fish!

      What the hell is a jello fish?

    4. I wasn't telling everyone to quit...just you for coming here making a stupid comment... and you were the one sauing the game is boring...not me...this is a post for people in need of more time due to having problems with energy pools...then you come in here being a smart ass... why?? Who cares if you can complete this and how fast... LOL...get over yourself... and just do yourself a favor and quit already :P

      And I bet you're one of those who serial level all day long using a script to play for you becsue you are too lazy to play yourself... but not everyone does that...and those who put skill points into attack and defense are suffering now becsue Zynga made this game for the ones with stamina and energy... so instead og being a smart ass about how awesome you are...maybe try and support the ones struggling instead... that would show more character than just coming in here wrting what you did... and do you lnow me?? You must...sinde you know what kind of fighter I am... you have a very bad habbit here, Sir... stop and think before you write... YOU came in here boasting about how awesome you are and how bored you are... in post for those struggling... you do the math ;)

      Yeah... and what the heck is a jello fish?

  4. I'm having trouble getting Lopping Logs in the Urban Mission. I post a request when I am able to post, but my friends keep getting a message saying that the max number of people have already given me one. How can I finish my first level this way? Is anyone else having similar problems?

  5. I agree! This is one of the best features Zynga has rolled out in a while and it is different and enjoyable to do. Realistically most players who are not serial levelers will not be able to finish within this time frame because of the high energy requirements and poor drop rate for loot jobs.It's a shame that something we can enjoy in the game will be unattainable for a large number of players.Seriously they should look at extending this event.

  6. I'm not finishing this event. I went straight for the boss at stage one and that's the end for me. Most of my props are at zero too. I'm glad some people enjoy these events, but I just can't finish them without spending and I rather not spend on this.

    Thank you for the break down and it confirms what I guessed from the beginning. Best of luck to the players trying to finish it. See you on the fight list.

  7. is not zyngas fault folks loaded up on stamina,attack and defense. had folks put more skill points into energy ...the high energy jobs wouldn't be an issue. stop complaining and start upping your energy so you can do the high energy jobs. you built your accounts not zynga so deal with it or get out!!!!!

  8. I believe the semi-regular operations we got in the past were usually 14 days long. This new one appears to have many more things to complete than the old operations, and the jobs involved in this one are either consumable or money grabbing, meaning more time is needed to collect both consumables and money than in the previous operations. I therefore don't understand why they've cut 4 days off completion time on this one. It makes no sense. I have a reasonable supply of stamina and energy, but can only play twice a day, for a total of about two hours, so I'm going to have a lot of trouble completing it, especially with consumables/loot drops (for task requiring loot drops) being as stingy as they are.

  9. I like the challenge. I wish they had a better drop rate. I mean, minimum drops of one every 4 or 5 clicks seems reasonable. There are jobs that I can only do 2x per full energy. At least I know I would be guaranteed 1 item for 2 level ups, know what I mean?

    [and my 2 cents for above bickering? Seems e-ho's will never win or take first place in icing events,true balanced accounts will complete but not excel, and fighters will struggle with job/energy events, so accept your path or adapt your account. Either way, quitcherbitchin.]

    1. If you have no problem completing this mission and boasts about how awesome your account is... why even come here to post against those needing help in a post ABOUT those needing help?

      LL made this post to make Zynga aware that many are struggling with the job tasks due to various reasons you couldn 't possibly begin to understand... all you do is brag about how great you are... and then trash the ones coming here trying to get help and make Zynga aware that some of the jobs are unreasonable... it's great you have a balanced account... we will throw you a parade with unicorns and rainbows... just for you... now, go back under the rock from which you crawled out and keep quiet...if you don't need help, you have no reason to come here and tell people who DO need help to quit bickering... it's not bickering... it's calling attention to an uneven and unfair aspect of the game... but of course those who DON'T have that problem can easily tell those who do to quit or stop whining... you just don't get it... so stop trying, Sir

  10. Understand how low energy or low stam accounts would have serious problems with this. I knocked out most of this mission on the first day, As of end of day today, have 12 more Winnow Wasp to collect for last level on Put an End to Your Ex-Mafia job before finishing boss. Have three other incomplete jobs, but one requires me to collect Carne once more (too easy), another requires me to build two more animals in private zoo and the last requires 11 more clicks on Visit Your Go-Down. I am a balanced player, who mostly does Mob Fury Arenas and the ices in Mexico and SA were a pain. Some of the job requiring loot were a slight pain. For me, overall the mission has been very easy.

    1. I knocked out almost 50% on the first day, but I still have a feeling I'm not going to be able to finish in time. With only 20K energy and poor loot/consumable drops (or just my rotten luck on loot/consumable drops), I find I'm getting stuck quite a bit on the nasty SA and Mexico jobs. I'm not even going to think about the icing yet, because I become enraged by how much stamina (and I have almost 50K) I waste only to get the message: already iced. For every ice I get, I get about 10 'already iced' messages. I don't understand why they've made this event only 10 days when all the others before it were 14 days or more.

  11. I'm loving this event - I've been trying to build up my energy for a while and, whilst I still don't have enough, I think I will just about be able to complete the whole thing in time. The only thing that might stop me is the miserable drop rate of items from jobs - when a job is costing me 5000+ energy I should be getting a drop every time. Nice to see Zynga come up with a new AND enjoyable event, hope we see more of them - although preferably not at the same time as other events (we can hope!). No point in high stamina low energy players complaining - there are plenty of events that favour them, its clear we all need to think about making our accounts more balanced over time.

  12. no extension needed. people just need to adopt and start building up energy. keep putting your assets into fighting and you will struggle on energy jobs. instead of sitting on your ass whining do something about it and up your energy!!!!!!

    1. Oh my, LOL... they just keep coming in, don't they? People like you are beyond help in regards to this issue... do you seriously think all people who can't finish thes do is sit and whine?? I am sure every single one of them are building energy and stamina... but unless you serial level 800 times a day you can't get enough energy and stamina fast enough to keep up... I know that is something you are unable to even begin to comprehend and I won't waste my time trying to educate you... would be SO utterly pointless - why don't you just go back to watching moveos while a computer program does all the work for you and quit posting in a help post... you have no reason to even be in here if you can finish this one... it's for prople who need a time extension... and if are done... why do you even care about this??

  13. little correction LL
    This puts the drop rate at about 43% so I can estimate that I will need to do about 141 jobs to get 90 of these items.

    For a 43% drop rate, you'll need 211 guiding lights (it's even worst) .
    thank you for this post. This task is just awful... I have resorted to not banking any peso and only entering Mexico when health is below 20 to stop that big guys from stealing all my money. All peso from FL has also dried up. I don't think that I can finish it but I'll try my best.


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