Sep 13, 2014

Urban Assault Rewards


The rewards package for the Urban Assault Missions is very desirable. You get to keep all of the loot items for each tier of the Reward Stations and most importantly there are +58 skill points and +21 reward points up for grabs. When you completely master this event the banner on the home page disappears but the Mission Page remains so you can view your rewards as shown in the last image. In addition to the 20 Mission Stations and 10 Reward Stations, the Urban Assault Missions also have 3 goals that provide Target Rewards. They include the Assignment Target, The Street-Wise Target and the Reputation Target and are located in the upper left corner of the Missions Page. Hopefully Zynga will extend the timer so more players get the opportunity to enjoy these Missions and get all the rewards. There are some discrepancies and fine prints in the instructions and I will make a few posts about those later. 


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  1. for that reward you need to do the highlights


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