Sep 15, 2014

The Go Go Dancer: Not So Special


The 3rd and final target reward for the Urban Assault Missions is the Go Go Dancer. This item is granted to all players who can complete all of Urban Assault Missions before the timer expires. The ‘SPECIAL’ identifier isn’t there because this chick is hot, it’s there because the item offers a special ability. If you own one, as stated on the loot item,  you will get ‘+500 Pesos/day’. There are several things that make this item not as special as it appears (to include it doesn’t work as intended) and they are outline below. I do like the fact that Zynga is exploring more items with special abilities and hope they will offer more.

So first lets state the obvious. Players who can do all the Missions shown below don’t have issues with Pesos. Zynga would like for us to believe that Mexico currency is valuable but the fact of the matter is it’s only valuable to accounts that are low on energy and further punishes players who chose to build their strength. Therefore the special ability is more a novelty than anything else. If you can finish these Missions Pesos are about as valuable as Animal Feed.
The second thing that makes this item not so special is written in the fine print of the instructions. The special ability is not permanent and will only last until the next Urban Assault Mission is released.
The last thing that is wrong with the special ability is it doesn’t work as intended per the instructions and FAQ. Either it’s a bug or the instructions/FAQ are wrong. It would be easier for Zynga to update theinstructions than it would be to try to make it happen the way they describe. We are told that the Pesos will be added to your Bank but in actuality they are added outside of the Bank and can therefore be stolen before you even know you got them. The images below show my Banco Dorado before and after the reset time of 12am PDT. My bank balance remained the same but 500 Pesos were added outside of the bank. 
One may argue that the bank is the bank whether it’s inside or outside and that’s a valid argument. To rule out misinterpretation of Zynga’s instructions, the FAQ can be used to show how it’s supposed to be. The fine print clearly states that if your bank has reached the maximum capacity then the money will be added outside of the bank. The maximum capacity of the Banco Dorado is 1 Million Pesos and you can see from the images above that my account balance is not at capacity so the Pesos should be added to that instead of left outside of the bank for anyone to steal. A stated above this really isn’t a big deal and I don’t think it matters if they fix it or not. The bottom line is the special ability isn’t very special.


  1. It doesn't seem to matter whether the pesos are in the bank or not. Before the last 2 cities were released I had 1,000,000 pesos in the bank. Even though I didn't play in Mexico until the new regions were released, all of my pesos were removed.

    Again, after having completed the two regions, I had over 100,000 pesos in the bank, and now it's all gone. The bank in Mexico is apparently being robbed all the time.

  2. Eeeh, you cant rob the bank in Mexico or SA or any other bank for that matter, you can ONLY lose the money that are outside the bank, unless there are some bugs.

    But i would like to have 500 pesos each day, until the new event arrives, would help me abit to get 500 for free each day.

  3. My money was in the bank and it disappeared.

  4. Plus you will lose 15% when it is banked.

  5. I see a lot of comments and complaints from people needing pesos so I think its nice.

  6. I also experienced a bug, glitch, or plain annoyance this morning. I built my fifth and final Zoo Animal shortly after rollover at 0305 EDT. Urban Assault confirmed completed and collected fully flashing grid. I received the Shining Spike and Go Go Dancer, both confirmed as received via inventory check. Collected Tuesday's Daily Take, Daily Fix, etc., then moments later a forced reload of the game - from the resulting blank screen reload the Daily Take, Fix, etc., were all reset with new rewards/tasks and the Urban Assault Grid while still showing completed has the Zoo Animal Task Flashing. The Go Go Dancer has vanished, zero via Inventory check. There is nothing clickable on the grid, and the link to Urban Assault has vanished from the tiles yet still remains in the missions. Over ninety minutes later it has still not updated, and I have no way to contact support since I'm not a contributing member. From an already jaded player, I vow this is the last time I spend my time and efforts completing these repetitive tasks. While completely selfish to other players, I think my best remedy is to park and wish for a rapid end to this problematic game.

  7. The same thing Larry tells about happened to me. All pesos gone from the bank. I know about a few other players who exerienced this bug too, apparently it's quite widespread. But Jenny is right, if you're autoleveler or close enough to it, it's not a big deal.

  8. I'm surprised that not one of you mentioned the lack of progression we get after we hit a certain spot on these "tasks", I can't be the only one this has happened too. for the items we need to ask for, I was able to get around 80 the first day and it still took 3 days to get the rest because when it was clicked on they said too many helped. as for the loot drops, not only are they bad to start with, but they seem to stop dropping at a normal rate once your close to finishing the task.... I had one get to 60 at a good rate in 1 1/2 days, the next two I only got another 9...... and it's happening on some others as well, just not as bad yet...... if they think I'm spending more money to get an item which will become obsolete in 3 months they are crazy, the game became a boring event driven time consumer in 2011, only reason I still play is for the people in my Family.

  9. They have made it really hard to get the pesos because even if you do fight 24/7, there is never that much available.I never added much to energy because I always focused on attack + defense. Even if I were to add now, I still couldn't have enough to do most of the high jobs. I can do just 1 click per energy/levelup as that is how expensive the jobs are. I probably won't be finishing Mexico. Oh well.


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