Sep 16, 2014

Okto-Bar Fest Marketplace Promotion


Last week we told you a Oktoberfest Marketplace Promotion was coming and provided a link to explain what the festival is all about [1].  Today it has arrived but it’s called Okto-Bar fest.  Either it’s a copyright violation to use the term Octoberfest, Zynga wants to be different and play with the term or somewhere in the world there is an 8 pronged bar that needs to be honored. The background theme will appeal to beer lovers and there are plenty of them who play Mafia Wars.



  1. Has anyone explained to Zynga that its September, Okto Bar isn't for another (wait let me just check my diary so as not to look a complete fool) 14 (approx) days, depending where on this planet you reside. Or maybe there really is a pub with 8 Bars that Zynga wants to promote. If it does exist I would think they wouldn't want Zynga to promote it as that would be its death knell. lol
    p.s keep up the good work lootlady I am a great fan XX

    1. Thanks :), Oktoberfest is a big festival in Munich Germany and it starts on Saturday Sept 20th :)


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