Sep 17, 2014

Rocks In Rio Pay To Play Secret District


Zynga must believe players are bored and need something to do so they released a pay to play Secret District! There hasn’t been one of these since April [1]. We did warn you it was coming back in June but anticipated it would be much sooner [1]. Pay to play Secret Districts are the best deal you will find in the game for skill points so it’s recommended you do them if you have the resources. For 27 reward points you can get +36 skill points and 2 mastery items. Due to the time that has elapsed the mastery items aren’t very useful but they really aren’t what we care about. Rocks In Rio was initially released in April of last year and the ratios are terrible. If you partially finished it or forgot to do the boss fight than it will be cheaper but you won’t get as many skill points. If the cost is anything but 27 reward points don’t bother because it’s not a good deal. For review, you get 9 days to purchase a pay to play Secret District and once you do you get 12 days to complete it. There is nothing wrong with waiting for all the current events to end before purchasing. For a detailed walkthrough of Rocks In Rio, go here.

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  1. I had a clan member who purchased this. She reports that bandits do show up for this.

  2. Is there a new secret about how and where to get Crack-of-the-bat consumables? Spent over 24K Stamina - got a grand total of 2 from robbing in South Africa.

    1. I had a similiar experience. They want to force you yo buy them.

  3. Ugh, I wish that I had read this before paying to unlock! Spent 15 RPs only to find one job left 99%! And no opportunity to repeat! Yet another massive FAIL for Zynga!


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