Sep 17, 2014

Arena Smashup


Last week we reported that something new was coming to the Arena [1]. The Arena Smashup is the something new but it’s actually just a combination of the Arena Supremacy, Killer Instinct and Ice Board events with the Berzerker Blitz redemption  aspect thrown in for good measure. The good news is the strategy used for the Arena Supremacy event will apply to this event but the bad news is you are hostage to your leaderboard. Everything depends on the performance of the players you were pitted against. If they all suck than you will excel and if you there are at least 2 Arena beasts you aren’t going to do well. The great news for those who use the Arena as a leveling tool is that for 7 days the Arena will be an even better leveling tool regardless if you try in this event or not. The basics plus the official FAQ are shown below.

Your leaderboard can be found in the Arena and it will be you plus 29 other players who in theory have the same strengths as you.
To help you get a higher score there are a few bonuses thrown into the Arena. These are self explanatory and should be used in conjunction with the tips and tricks shown in the strategy post. Some game changers are included. The maximum Arena health is 800 for 100 Arenas and 4,000 for 500 Arenas. For the duration of the event it will be doubled to 1,600 and 8,000.  The cooldown timers for Arena Power-Ups will be cut in half. All this means is you will be able to get much higher scores but unfortunately your opponents will as well. The good news for levelers is you will be able to use much more stamina per Arena so even if you ignore this event you will benefit from it. The Frenzy Mode is random and appears at least once per Arena.
as5as6as7Using a Meta-Flair during a Frenzy Mode will earn you 8 times the damage.
The 1st Arena everyday will offer a 30% bonus to your score. If you are going to pick a time to go all out with your Power Ups it would be best to do so during your 1st Arena. Until you play in an Arena for the day an annoying little notification flag will appear above the Arena tab. The only way to get rid of it is to do an Arena.
After playing in 2 manual Arenas and the rest using a script I was able to jump from 29th to 3rd place. I imagine Zynga will tailor this so I will try to go for 1st or 2nd place.The joke is on them because I’m not going to stress myself out. 
A breakdown of your total score as shown on the leaderboard can be found on the instructions page and you get there by clicking on the help mark.
When playing in Arenas there is a little progress tracker which will let you know the score you need to move up.
The daily rewards will only go to those players in spots 1-3 on their individual leaderboard. Today's reward is the Devil Dune. All of the leaderboard rewards are shown below. There will be a different one for each day of the event.
a6a7a8a9a10a11a12a13a14a15a16a17a18a19a20a21a22a23a24a25a26In addition to loot, you will also get tokens which can be redeemed for the items shown below. The last 3 items come with skill points so you are better off waiting to get enough tokes for these. Tokens are awarded at the reset time of 12AM PDT daily so at this point in time nobody will have any. The bad news is you have to be in the top 10 to get at least one token and you need at least 25 to get an item with skill points. There probably won’t be many redeemed.

FAQ: Arena Smashup

Wed Sep 17 05:52:47 EDT 2014

Deal maximum Damage and finish on the top of the leaderboard for fabulous rewards.

Q: What is Arena Smashup? When will the event start?
Arena Smashup is a limited time event in which you get to compete against players with similar strength and can earn amazing rewards by finishing on the top of the league-based Damage leaderboard. You can also earn Arena Tokens based on your standing in the league-based leaderboard and redeem special rewards using these Arena Tokens.
You can access Arena Smashup through the home page module.

Arena Smashup will start on Sept 17th Midnight PDT and will end on Sept 23rd 23:59 PM PDT.

Q: What is a “league-based” Damage leaderboard? How does it work?
To form a league, our system will pit you against 30 players of similar strength selected from the entire Mafia Wars player base.
Your league-based leaderboard will be populated based on the total Damage score of the Top 10 Arenas on any given day. You will compete with the rest of your league on this leaderboard.
Please click on the “League” section of leaderboard to view your progress:

Q: How often will the “league-based” Damage leaderboard reset?
The league-based Damage leaderboard will reset at Midnight PDT every day. The rewards will be based on your standing on the leaderboard before it resets.

Q: How can I view the Top 10 Arenas and my total score for any given day?
To view the Top-10 Arenas for the day, click on the (?) icon on the top of Home Page module:

Scroll down and look up the “Top 10 Arenas” section to view the Top 10 Arenas and the Total Damage score:

Q: I have played more than 10 Arenas and my Damage score is not adding up to my leaderboard total. Why?
A: Please note that only Top-10 Arena Damage scores will count towards your progress in the leaderboard. Even if you play a lot of Arenas, you need to make sure that they fall under the Top-10 category for the damage scores to be counted towards the leaderboard progression.

Q: What does “30% Bonus Damage from 1st Arena” mean?
You will receive 30% additional Damage score in the first Arena played for any given day.

Q: Will Damage dealt in Mob Fury Arenas count towards the progress?
Yes, the Damage dealt in Mob Fury Arenas will be counted towards the progress. However, Damage dealt in Re-Matches and 1-on-1 Arena Challenges will not be counted.

Q: Are there any changes to the Arena functionality during this event?
Yes, during this limited time event, there will be a few changes in the Arena functionality:
1. 30% Bonus Damage from 1st Arena: You will receive 30% additional Damage score in the first Arena played for any given day.

2. Frenzy Mode: Frenzy Mode will be available for 10 seconds during every Arena. You can enjoy 10 seconds of 4x Damage boost while it is active.  Please note that the Frenzy mode slot will be chosen randomly in every Arena.

3. Double Arena Health: Your Arena Health will be doubled during the event.

4. Reduced Cooldown timers: The cooldown timers for Arena Power Ups and re-spawn will be reduced to half.

Q: What are the rewards?
There are different rewards for playing Arena Smashup based on your standing in the Arena. Please note that Rewards will be granted only if your total Damage score is greater than 0 for any given day.
You can view the rewards and your progress on the Home Page module:

1. Daily Participation Reward: A participation reward of 1 Arena Health refill will be granted to all players who earn a Damage Score of at least 1 (ie. The Damage score should be greater than 0) on any given day.

2. Leaderboard Rewards: Based on your standing in the league-based leaderboard, you will receive the below rewards:
a. Special Loot: If you end up within Top 3 of your league-based leaderboard, you will receive the special loot of the day. The special loot of the day can be viewed on the Home Page module.
The Stats of loot will depend on your standing in the leaderboard at the end of the day. Only top 3 positions on the league-based leaderboard qualify for the Daily Reward loot.
· Rank 1: Gold Tier loot
· Rank 2: Silver Tier loot
· Rank 3: Bronze Tier loot

3. Arena Tokens: Based on your standing in the Arena at the end of each day, you will receive a certain number of Arena Tokens.
Please note that only top 10 positions on the league-based leaderboard qualify for the Arena Token reward on a given day.

Q: When will the Rewards be granted?
Rewards will be granted at the end of each day during the event. Rewards for the last day of the event can be collected within 3 days after Arena Smashup expires.

Q: Why is the Damage Score needed to rank up so high for me?
This total score needed to rank up the leaderboard is based on the score of your opponents in your league. This might be high or low based on the Damage score accumulated by your opponents.

Q: How can I use the Arena Tokens?
Arena Tokens can be redeemed for amazing loot. Click on “Redeem” button on the home page module to view options:

Q: What will happen to the unused Arena Tokens after the end of the event?
You can redeem loot using the Redeem option for the next 3 days after the event ends. Post this time period, all unused Arena Tokens will be forfeited.


  1. Once again you are WRONG!! Misleading players with information that isn't true across the board. This feature has seemingly decreased the XP payout in Arena's and although my entire Stamina pool is now being drained in a Shootout Arena and I am finishing first in more often in Shootout Arena's I am falling much shorter of leveling and it appears that I am now needing more XP to level.

    1. lol, your comment shows your ignorance of the Arena feature. Each Arena is different and depends on your opponents. Perhaps you are in a hard mode now or more players are using Power Ups. There are 2 things you need to know for this event, one are the event rules and two are the rules for each type of Arena. If you are using scripts than your settings are important and you may not have them set up optimally. Maybe review some older post on how the Arena works.

  2. Will the League Members be the same ones every day or different ones every day???

    1. That isn't addressed in the FAQ so we won't know the answer until tomorrow when everything reset.

    2. they are the same ones for me, another day where I cannot get into the top ten, what a great and fair event thanks zynga you arseholes.

  3. Another dumb event, my league is too good

    1. snap, I continually level and use arena to do so but now I am struggling to level up (relates to first post) and my group is so good i ended up, last time I looked, at 21st. I do ok in arena and generally come first in over two thirds and score a good amount of ices so expected to be in top ten easily. I have players scoring more that four times the amount of ices as me, the 10th place has nearly two and a half times more than me. I run on auto for as much of the day as I can so how is that a fairly balanced league??

    2. Ices are based on stamina only. for every 500 stamina used, one ice is awarded. it makes no difference if you actually iced in the arena or not. so, what you are saying simply means your opponents/league either have more stamina than you or use more of it in any given arena.

  4. In my league, 21 of the 40 have not even participated in an arena today. It also gives you a false target score to improve your ranking if you have already played 10 times, as it assumes you haven't had 10 yet.

  5. I finished 2nd yesterday didnt recieve anything whats up

  6. to many heavy hitters

  7. this crap is rigged

  8. I'm guessing the loot photos above are from the previous Arena Smashup event?
    They clearly are not from the current event.
    I was trying to find out if I was in the top 3 yesterday (I was when I went to sleep), but couldn't remember the name of the prize.
    Today's reward is not listed above, nor are any of the token rewards:

    1. This is the walkthrough from the first event and this post is about a yeear old. The loot rewardare linked in the Arena Smashup post for the current event.


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