Sep 26, 2014

Quick Trigger Event


Zynga is promoting the Quick Trigger Chrome Extension and it’s to our benefit. The Quick Trigger ‘Event’ is now available and you have 15 days to start it. Once activated you will get free skill points for 7 days. I’m sure Zynga would prefer that everyone uses Chrome and downloads the extension as outlined in their instructions but that’s not necessary. Use the link below to get your skill points without the need to use Chrome or download anything. In January of this year Zynga released a similar event called Don’s Favorite which required players to add the Mafia Wars application to their favorites and access the game daily [1]. More details are shown below.

If you want to play by the rules than more details on Quick Trigger and how to download it can be found here. Regardless of how you get to Quick Trigger you need to click back into the game to get your skill points. Click the ‘Click here to claim Skill Points during the event.’ link.
When you get to Mafia Wars you will get a popup and your skill points.
The timer will then change from 15 days to 7 and the home page can be used to track progress. You can activate the event at anytime during the next 15 days. Once activated you need to access Mafia Wars through the Quick Trigger 7 days in a row to get the maximum number of skill points which is +28. If you miss a day you won’t get the skill points. The actual event will start for you on the day you activate so even if you activate on day 15 you will get 7 more days to complete it.

As mentioned above the Don’s Favorite event was the same as this one.



    Thank you, but clicking this link you have provided doesn't work. I get Sorry, this request has expired.

  2. Thank you, thank you!! I was NOT going to change to Chrome to get these "Skill Points"! I use Firefox and have not had the problems like my mini does with Chrome.
    As always, y'all are ahead of how to do things related to Mafia Wars. Thank you for everything y'all do for us!

  3. I always use FF as well, all I did was download the app on chrome, sign in with my account. I got the skills then went back to FF as usuall..

  4. It doesnt work after day one. Have clicked it 5 times and get the same response.
    You have claimed the Skill Points for accessing Mafia Wars through the Quick Trigger extension. Hasn't added them yet. Figures anything from Zynga is usually a wash.

    1. Same here, although I get, "Sorry, this request has expired."

  5. Yes, so do i , i dont see the problem of "switching" browser for 7 days, i might as well keep it and use it on my mini, now i can use scripts on my mini also, i used IE before for my mini, i only give myself parts for buildings, no playing really so not that big of a deal, but hey, maybe i uninstall it, maybe not, but i dont see any big problems of having it installed for 7 days.
    Its like some sort of apocalypse for some people, but then again, some people are abit strange so.

  6. I use Firefox and I just used the link. The first click I got a pop up for the spin to buy skill points. I closed it and clicked it again and got 10 skill points. "You have claimed the Skill Points for accessing Mafia Wars through the Quick Trigger extension." Sometimes those popups get in the way on the first click and you have to click again. Thanks for the link!

  7. Thanks Loot Lady, works well....cheers


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