Sep 26, 2014

Mexico Districts 9 & 10 Now Available


Two new Districts in Mexico have been released. District 9 is Chiapas and District 10 is Mexico City. Chiapas will unlock once you have mastered the bronze level of Merida and Mexico City will unlock once you master the bronze level of Chiapas. Each of these Districts comes with a property. The Lucha-rena offers stamina and you don’t need to complete a job to build it. The Toros Anfiteatro offers loot items with high stats for now but no skill points and you need to complete the 3rd job to unlock it. District 10 offers 3 stamina jobs but they all require currency or a consumable. Detailed walkthroughs and property upgrade charts will be posted later. For faster updates check out our fan page.



  1. Thank you for the quick info :) I was curious what the last property gives us. Now I'm waiting for the more detailed walkthroughs. I'm interested in the consumables the most, as I'm not leaving the bronze level before farming at least the numbers you say are enough for the whole district. Then, of course, I use the strategist and diablo mode to spend as little as possible, because what's left is usually enough for a mission/special event or two :)

  2. Same here waiting on the walk through


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