Aug 1, 2014

Zynga Addresses Game Outage


Earlier today Facebook and Mafia Wars were down. Zynga has addressed the issue on their Player Support site. If you want to give feedback about this there is a form to fill out. They have to realize that players don’t like it when the game won’t load so I’m not sure what kind of feedback they are expecting! There are events with timers on them so it would be cool if these got extended. Use the link below to access the original post. Thanks to William Mac Mcilvar for the screen shot. I was fortunate enough to be offline when this happened. 

facebook2 facebook


  1. yes well i was one of those who couldn't get in always seems to happen a lot lately maybe zynga need to invest in some new (better) servers not a VIP player but would be more annoyed if i was

  2. Darren Fozzie FoskettAugust 1, 2014 at 12:17 PM

    They should post stuff Dr. Seuss Style. May make us happy instead of sad that they f'd up...

    Hello all you mobsters, hello one, hello all.
    You're getting white pages, only some, but not all.

    Our team has resolved this, chased the problem away.
    So you can now click our links... CLICK OUR LINKS AND PLAY!!!

    If yours is not fixed, click, "Fix it Zynga", we will.
    BUT WAIT!!! there's one thing we want from you still.

    We're sorry this happened, we're sorry it's true.
    So fill out this form if it happened to you.

    1. thats the best in a long time really made my day

  3. I posted the link to this a year ago today and sad to say, we are having the issues of white pages and gray pages with the broken link image on it now and have had for some months on many accounts. It's next to impossible to help you mafia when you have to constantly refresh your page before it will finally load. The saddest thing about it all is that Zynga denies there is an issue. It's no surprise that people are leaving.


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