Aug 28, 2014

VIP Platinum Benefits


In early June Zynga announced that the next benefit tier of the VIP Membership would be Platinum [1]. For the entire summer the banner without much information remained and finally today we learn more. The benefits will kick in once the 31st continuous month is bought and paid for. If you signed up on day 1 then it will be on October 5th. The benefits are very disappointing as they are either slight increases of previous benefit tiers or they require more spending. The only unique benefits that don’t require purchases are a 10% increase in job currency and 2 times the experience in the first 5 Arenas for the day. Overall this benefit package is pretty lame. As the player base continues to drop and so does the my motivation for this game [1]. There doesn’t seem to be any interest in my posts about the VIP Membership Program and quite frankly that is the only reason I signed up. Once I get my Harbinger of Annihilation I will probably cancel my membership. It will be sad to let go of an aspect of Mafia Wars but this addiction needs to end at some point. 



  1. I quit the game a while back but still drop by here on occasion to see how things in the game are going. It's kinda sad to see the game that we all loved be reduced to it's current state. You have done a great job Loot Lady but at some point you have to know when to pack it in and move on. I'm sure you could find more deserving subjects or games to blog about in your free time. MW is like a ghost that doesn't know it's passed away yet. In any case I wish you the best and hope you find something to write about that makes you happy.

  2. Please do not cancel your membership. You are the voice of the players and like it or not, a leader of us all. Zynga has recently showed appreciation to you in particular which gives the impression that they are watching. The VIP membership is one of the reasons that this game continues. If you cancel, others will follow and that may be the spark that finally burns Mafia Wars to the ground.
    I like this game and do not want it to end.

    1. Totally agree with this comment...

    2. If Zynga is watching then that is all that they are doing in my opinion. If Zynga bothered to do only a few things the Loot Lady and the rest of us have asked for maybe the game would be in better shape. Giving her a special Loot item is nice but how about listening to what she is saying and keep the

  3. Sorry to hear. I do read this site everyday, plus i am a VIP member

  4. When I go online, the first thing is to read this page. I usually do not comment because my English is not the best. I am VIP and will stay.

  5. I appreciate the info I get here, but I also am a VIP member at Emerald level.
    I have found that nothing has changed throughout my experience being a VIP member.
    I still get attacked more then I do ices, and I really have not noticed any difference in my performance.
    I cancelled my VIP membership at the beginning of the month and the only difference I have noticed is that I do not get my RP's each week.
    I dont get VIP drops anymore or extended time on missions or anything like that.
    But all in all, I dont notice any change in my game play.
    I still get iced alot and it is at the same rate as when I had my membership.
    Each time I got a Harbinger of each kind when I moved up in member level, I did not notice any difference.
    I play the same amount of time and get everything done now and it is the same as when I had my membership.
    So I would prefer to just have a regular membership and spend my $25 when I feel the need.
    I get messages from Zynga every day to renew my membership and they will keep me at my emerald level.
    Imagine the money I have spent allready on membership that I could have spent on just skill points.

  6. If you did the math on the $25.00 a month fee. It would be the same as buying reward points at 50& off. That's about the only real advantage. The extra loot items? i'm a collector and some of that stuff looks neat.

  7. Loot Lady Rocks, i am a day one player right from the beginning, i think this is the second or third Vip membership program Zynga has put in place, Soon as we hit the top and they made their money they either do not think it is worth it and then throw it out the window, We loose everything we had into it except the shitty loot, then after months and months they bring out a new Vip program not much different because they loose so many customers, i am not going to mention my name but trust me everyone knows me and i have more clans in this game then you can shack a stick at, and a lot of my members are Vip, but seriously we sink all our hard earned money into this game then their is guys out there buying accounts 10-20 times bigger then us, we have 30-40 thousand dollars into ours with the precious vip symbol and these kids from a island wont mention names but sell accounts bigger then ours 100 times cheaper then what we have into our accounts and Zynga does f all, who ever is in the bosses office at zynga stop smoking the crack its f up your brain dude, Listen to the players and make the game great again, you want money we have money listen to your customers and join the war with us


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