Aug 28, 2014

Fireworks Factory ‘Coming Soon’


A few days ago we showed you the next Limited Time Property (#44), the associated loot items and said it would be coming soon [1]. Zynga told us the name of this property on the Mafia Wars fan page and announced that it would be here on Sept 29, 2014 [1]. It would be more than awesome to get a 30 day break from Limited Time Properties but sadly this is most likely a Zynga snafu and they probably meant to say August 29, 2014 which is unfortunately tomorrow. I wonder if they can be held liable for this and forced to hold off?



  1. Two things we can count on: These properties will keep coming and the Loot Lady will keep complaining about them.

  2. yeah, it's live and they went back to the "you can only post every 8 hours for parts" rule

    1. Returning to the 8 hour posts are going to piss a lot of people off. Zynga assumes everyone's lives revolves around their stupid games. No wonder people continue to leave in droves.

  3. 3 parts per 24hr period, disadvantage. Zynga getting desperate.


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