Aug 1, 2014

VIP Loot Generation 29


The 29th generation of VIP loot is now dropping from jobs, fights, robs and Arenas. These updates haven’t been that great lately and this one is no exception. If you build your account by crafting properties then many of the items won’t help your score and that’s hardly a benefit.  Zynga has too many loot items in the game and this in turn has greatly devalued the VIP Membership Program. A look at the 8 items is shown below.



  1. These updates are a complete mockery of the VIP membership... I guess someone somewhere is forcing Zynga to keep these loot items this low... soon VIP loot will become worse than ordinary fight loot and Arena loot... then what are the points and benefits of the VIP membership? Zynga should update these loot items +3 to +5 in each category EVERY month to make it attracticve... these updates just make people laugh at the ones throwing money away on this... ridiculous!!!

  2. The whole VIP Programm is a big laugh. Im not using the props to build my acc,i do lot of jobs and arena but 6 of 8 are inactive and the 2 others would give me 896 + in mafia att and 112 in mafia def. its a big joke!

  3. This loot is a waste of time, as soon as it started 3 were useless, and the amount of increase from the others is laughable..

  4. don't like it ....quit playing!!!!!

    1. Oh wow what an original response, how ever did you think that up..

  5. I like the VIP loot it makes me laugh as i ice them after spending all the $ for a minor and increasingly less valuable loot as the over all loot scores rise.
    VIP= target of player who does not know how to maximize the bang for bux ;-)


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