Aug 18, 2014

TOS & Privacy Policy Update Popup


A popup to announce the updated TOS and Privacy Policy is going around. If you want to play Mafia Wars you gotta click ‘OK’ or you will keep getting it. I’m not sure if it will interfere with scripts. On August 11, 2014 the new TOS and Privacy Policy went into effect [1]. Thanks to Rune Myhre for posting on our fan page and to everyone who sent me the image below.



  1. where can I find the updated Terms of Service and the Private Policy???

    1. They are linked in the popup if you get it. I also provided a links in the post that is referenced in this post. Just click the [1] on this post to get the links.

  2. my energy kami don't leveling after this pop up, I'm giving new setting but scripts doesn't work well and can't leveling; I tried with backup but don't leveling....something it's wrong.

  3. I keep getting this pop up. click okay every time...would get upset but this is Zynga, so I guess this is just another bug that wont get fixed...:D

  4. got it a week ago clicked ok it went to mw and played the same all scripts working fine for me.

  5. Has anyone compared the old Terms with the new Terms? I'm curious to know what specifically changed. I quickly read through the new terms and didn't see anything that looked strange/different.


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