Aug 18, 2014

Boss Fight Reward Distribution Change


On the surface the Family Boss Fight seems to be the same as it was before. Comparing the instructions before and after (shown below) not much seems to have changed. We’ve already pointed out that the bosses health score is on a gradient based on family size and more boosts are required because both the Fatigue and Rage Meters have been increased [1]. Another change being reported and I experienced it first hand today is that more than one superior item can be granted per fight. In the past you always got a maximum of one superior item regardless of your score or standing on the leaderboard. Many times you would get 0 but never two or more. Your standing on the leaderboard is supposed to increase the odds that you will get superior items but and it doesn’t guarantee it. Players who are at the bottom of the leaderboard still have a chance to get superior items but according to the vague instructions they aren’t as good. We are finding just the opposite. Those scoring lower seem to be getting superior items more frequently than those who score high. I wasn’t even in the top 10 and I got 3 superior items. My score was approximately 10,000. Please join the discussion on our fan page while we try to figure out what score is ideal to get the best loot [1]. It’s possible the random factor dominates and we may never have an answer. 



  1. I have also experienced placing 5th on the leaderboard with +23,000 damage dealt, hoping I would at least get 1 superior loot item, however, for this particular Boss fight, I received 0 Superior, 3 Rare and 1 Uncommon.

    And others placing a lot lower than me in this boss fight (not on the leaderboard) were awarded 2 Superior, 1 Rare and 1 Uncommon... seems like it's very, very, very random. But makes you wonder if dealing huge amounts of damage is worth it :/

  2. My family has not completed a boss fight for over a year, we just join do a few thousand damage and wait for end, the rewards are around the same at least 1 superior 1 rear and 2 common, it does not seem to matter if you do lots of damage the loot is usually the same..

  3. I received the same as the 8:30 poster, but I was in 3rd place, and had about 35,000 damage. I have no idea what anyone else received, but I do know that I was on the second page in the previous fight, and received a Superior item.

  4. Always atop the leaderboard of my family due to the amount of stamina I have. Never received the highest loot, ever. superior here and there sure, but not many. Always arsonist too. I wonder if it depends on role?

  5. It simply defies logic.. O sorry, I forgot, this is Zynga. And Zynga cannot be used in the same sentence as logic

  6. REPLY TO 11:57 POSTER--killing the boss quicker,regenrates the boss quicker,getting more loot in the same amount of time

  7. I think that the amount of aid you distribute, ask for and use also goes into the mix, regardless of leaderboard position or damage inflicted.

  8. I keep getting top spot in the boss fight and have not gotten top tier loot yet!


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