Aug 15, 2014

Quick Trigger: 1st Update


The Quick Trigger Chrome Extension for Mafia Wars has has it’s very 1st update. The Crafter’s Choice image is all jacked up and it makes the entire thing look sloppy. It shouldn’t be that hard to update Quick Trigger as the backcode for this thing is very simplistic. It appears Zynga is limiting the number of displayed events to 3. If this is the case then they should limit Mafia Wars to no more than 3 events at a time. In addition to what is currently shown on Quick Trigger we also have the Family Boss Fight: Payback, Family Business, Killer Instinct, Crate Carnival, Lucky Streak, and Collectable Stat Card Stakes Events going on. The Oil Rig is to expire in 6 hours but in my game the timer says 5 Days and 6 Hours. As the saying goes..If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Thanks to Martin from Team Spockholm for pointing out the update.


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