Aug 15, 2014

Family Business 5 Drama Loot


The loot items that drop from required tasks in the Family Business Missions can cause serious drama for some families. These loot items come from older generations of Stranger’s Swag but are still active for the majority of players including VIP subscribers. In the 5th Family Business Mission there are 4 drop items that come from the 27th generation of Stranger’s Swag which was offered in April [1]. Since they are still active most players would like to max on them. The one advantage for players who feel they do all the work on these Missions is this loot. There are plenty of items available to go around but it’s next to impossible to get a large group to slowdown and wait and ensure everyone gets a piece of the pie. Joe Blow will come online and discover he missed an opportunity. He will then look at the Kin Point Leaderboard and see that Billy Badass finished the entire Mission while he was sleeping. He will do the math and berate Billy Badass for taking more than 500 items and go ballistic. Others will chime in and a drama thread is born. Zynga threw in some extra spice by releasing the current Family Business Mission while there was a competitive Family Ice Event in progress. These 2 events did not mix well!

Might Path Parts 2 and 5
Might Path Parts 3 and 5/Muscle Path Part 5
Might Path Parts 4 and 5
Might Path Part 4/Muscle Path Part 4


  1. Hehe,it's clear you're trying to influence Zynga to listen to you... I sometimes wonder who all these people you refer to are... and who the "MW community" is... they always seem to be upset... but i never hear this... from anyone... other than you ;) hehe... is the community you and your family? there has ALWAYS been multiple events at the same time... how come this one is different? And regarding loot... I know a lot of families who share these loot items... and take turns maxing out... till it's time for the huge of us to go in for the kill (due to time issues) It's only a matter of organizing... poor organization = what you describes... great organization = everyone gets a piece of the pie... simple :)

    but like i said... I know you would love for Zynga to listen to you and manage the game according to what you think... but there are a lot out there who are fine with the way things are... just try and enjoy it... and let the scripts do all the heavy lifting :) you stated so many times that loot will become obsolete so fast that no-one cares... and that families shouldn't be upset about never being able to win against the top 4 families... because it's "only" loot.... but now, suddenly during an event you disapprove of (the release time) loot matters? Hmm... not everyone has the energy or stamina to max out... and there is a time issue to take into account... but if the family communicates properly... I don't see an issue here...

    1. All I have to go by are my own experiences, what people write to me complaining about in my inbox and email and comments I read on my fan page and in the groups I'm part of. I'm sure there are organized families out there and for them this isn't a big deal. Being in groups associated with scripts and families I see a lot of what I described. I guess it depends on the people you play and talk with but remember this is a blog and is just opinion. I would prefer if Zynga didn't read this blog, it's annoying but since I know they do I will say what I would like, why wouldn't I? This is no different than anything in the past, lot of events and honestly I haven't seen anyone say they love it until now.

    2. HEhe, nah... I think you like Zynga is reading this blog ;) hehe... I didn't mean you shouldn't say what you want... after all, it is YOUR blog... I just sometimes feel your concerns revolve around the huge players... and not so much the small players... there are a LOT of problems for small accounts... "new" players etc... that could be cause for quitting... and I have seen people in here adressing those issues... asking you to please put more focus on those issues... but I never see it... and here we have a big post about a few loot items that will soon be obsolete anyway... that's all I was trying to point out... :) I like this blog (well, some of it, hehe) and appreciate the time and effort you put into this... just don't forget the small players... that's all :)

  2. And further more... the family ice events are hardly a competitive event anymore, wouldn't you say? Unless of course you're part of the top 4 families who ALWAYS win, hehe... I can see the competition between those 4... but as for the rest of the families out there... NOT a chance... and if I recall correctly... the Family Business mission was released when the family ice event had 1 day left? And by then the results were already carved in stone... it may have cause some in top 4 to lose a few million ices... but... hey, hehe... not really something that hurt the competitive part of it... :)

    1. Large families with lots of good accounts can finish this mission in 1 day. In my family the might path was done before the ice event ended so those who didn't work on the mission because they wanted to make sure the family held their spot missed out on the loot.

    2. But you stated SO many times how little loot means in this game... I have seen numerous posts about loot that will go obsolete in a few weeks... "complaining" about that too... so, I was just puzzled why you would suddenly focus on this... after all - it's just loot (quoting you) And they will all become obsolete in a few weeks... so, I think it's a choice you need to make... as a player... whether or nor not you wanna focus on icing for the ice event... or use stamina for looting loot that will only be useful for what... 4-6 weeks? No-one can do everything 100%

      And besides... the Family Business offers loot items for both Might and Muscle paths... so, thise having a million stamina can just loot via the Might path - or is that those players ONLY have stamina? If so, I don't think Zynga should accommodate that... I mean, come on... isn't winning a Family Ice event enough? MW doesn't revolve around 4-10 families :) And Zynga did nothing that they haven't been doing for years... this just "hurt" someone in the huge families and then it gets adressed here and HIGHLY recommended that Zynga NEVER do this again... otherwise "People could start quitting" right? ;) hehe... I

      Anyways, it's all about organization and communication... but I can see how it would be difficult what with all the scripts running 24-7 and no-one really being online TO communicate... this is how the game is now... roll with it ;) And I see a LOT of other issues that NEVER gets adressed here, hehe... but I guess thatøs because the huge famileis never complain about that... but only the small and insignificant families and players... so, this was just kinda funny... to see huge famileis complain about a few loot items... that soon will be worthless anyways ;) but maybe you could adress ALL issues... and not just those issues affecting the huge script families... who are already gaining a HUGE advantage by winning everything,.. no one can get it all... that wouldn't really be fair...

    3. I worked on the ice event and that's why I'm only maxed on 1 of the items. Yes loot means very little but that doesn't stop people from wanting it. Just because I don't care about loot anymore doesn't mean everyone feels that way. I can't address everything and can only accurately talk about what I know from my own experience. I address what I have time for. If players don't report issues on our page and I don't have them then how can I write about them? I post about many things that don't affect my accounts or my families. This is supposed to be a community blog so if you could point these issues out rather than blanket them like you are doing than you may find me reply with a link that has addressed it. With almost every competitive event I make comments addressing they aren't fair to smaller families. I hate them and would love to see them removed, it's always been that way but I won't not try because I don't like something. My family tries so therefore I do to.

    4. Telling small players to build kamis is not a solution. No one in my family uses them. Maybe you have just gotten out of touch? Thats not a criticism. It is hard to know what effects lower levels if your family does not have any and you are away from what effects the just lower level or average player..To be fair I have seen many comments over time on what all effects smaller players here but they are ignored and not blogged about. You are not Zynga though so Zynga needs to care about all players and they don't.You have commented more on what is a problem for small families and that is great.

  3. A unique game filled with "opportunity" to do what an individual likes, as a family everyone can focus on their specialty and or how their account is built since not every account is "big" There is opportunity for everyone. Like any family, not everyone will agree. In the end the goal is progress to finish the task. And like any family, there are those that complain no matter how much a family benefits them.

    Zynga is rogue in their ways, sociopaths when it comes down to it. They don't listen to anyone... to the detriment of their financial well being. Do they read the blog? I hope so. They should pay attention to everything related to the game and feedback from it's players, big, small, influential or not. Plus, you can't please everyone.

    You do a great job Jen & admins. I appreciate what you do :-)


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