Aug 14, 2014

Missing Quick Trigger Updates & Inaccuracies


As if the Quick Trigger Chrome Extension weren’t useless enough, Zynga isn’t even updating it [1]. The Killer Instinct Event was released today but isn't featured. The timer for the Limited Time Property doesn't factor in the extra 5 days that VIP subscribers get and this could confuse paying customers. One may ask why would I want something I think is useless updated and accurate. The answer is simple. If Zynga is going to pile on events one right after the other they should be held accountable and forced to update their extension. Eventually the guy assigned to do this will get fed up, go to the team and tell them to chill out!


1 comment:

  1. "they should be held accountable' this is zinga, what were you thinking, they give no support.


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