Aug 14, 2014

Family Boss Fight Payback Statistics


As mentioned in a previous post the new Family Boss Fights have a health gradient. The larger or smaller your family is the higher or lower the health of each boss will be. The chart below was compiled from a family with 8 members and one with 99 members. We can assume these are the low and high ends of the health but it is possible that families with 100 or 101 members could have more. Please comment if you find higher health scores. The time allotted to defeat a boss is the same for all families. Once you defeat the 5th boss, the cooldown timer is 24 hours. Once it resets or someone pays 40 reward points to speed it up you will get the 5th boss again and not bosses 1-4. The feature name will change from Family Boss Fight: Payback to Family Boss Fight and the home page banner with the 5 bosses will convert to the one shown below.  We have also noticed that the high end for the fatigue and rage meters has increased from 150 to 200 and 1,000 to 2,000 and it takes less clicks to get them there. What this means is that more boosts will be required to stay under the minimums of 5 and 250. The combos and rewards, shown below are the same for all 5 bosses. Thanks to Jo Gilliam and the {ASS} Family for helping to put this together.

Boss Lowest Health Highest Health Timer
1 100,000 1,200,000 4 Days
2 200,000 2,400,000 5 Days
3 300,000 3,600,000 6 Days
4 400,000 4,800,000 7 Days
5 1,000,000 6,000,000 8 Days

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