Aug 22, 2014

Limited Time Mystery Bag Loot


About 2 weeks ago 2 items labeled for gifting were added to the inventory [1]. We stated one of the possibilities could be that they would show up in Mystery Bags and today they have done just that. You can now find the Bad Blend (187/271) and the Blackspot Goatfish (271/187) by opening up Red and Blue Mystery Bags. Last time they did this there was no cap (other than the free gift cap of 250) on the first day but Zynga quickly fixed that and it was limited to 6 items  [1], [2]. That appears to be the case for this round so players will be able to get a total of 18 items.

Limited Time Offer: Collect awesome loot from Blue and Red Mystery Bags till Aug 24th - 23:59 PDT(GMT-7)


  1. Just opened 105 Mystery Bags (red and blue) and looted 1 Blackspot Goatfish and 4 Bad Blends. I guess with this drop rate there's no chance of getting 5 of each (LOL) Would need a lot more than 250 gifts to loot 10 a day ;)

    1. Thanks, it must be 3 in each type of bag then with the limit being 6 per day. I updated the post.

    2. Could be 6 total and not necessarily 3 of each? I now have 2 Blackspot Fish and 4 Bad Blends - and I have opened 60 bags in-a-row without looting one :)


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