Aug 22, 2014

Ice Board 18 Coming Soon


Items for what looks like the 18th Ice Board have been added to the inventory. Zynga seems to really want us to be icing. The Cartel Clash is an icing event in which we need to get 500 ices per day if we wan’t the maximum rewards and it was only 2 days ago that items for the next Slaughter Season were added to the inventory [1]. Having these events run at the same time would benefit the players since we can kill 3 birds with 1 stone. The Ice Board is really a non-event for those who don’t try to compete with the leaders and that would be most of us. No matter how hard you try or how well you do, except for a select few, there will always be someone ahead of you.  Only 3 players per mafia/family/league leaderboard get the 1st item and the 3 top global players will get the 2nd item. A closer look at all 6 rewards is shown below.

Mafia/Family/League Leaderboard Reward
Global Leaderboard Reward

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