Aug 30, 2014

Berserker Blitz 2 Breakdown


After the 1st version of the Berserker Blitz expired we analyzed number of claimed and unclaimed items [1]. Doing this again is more interesting because we can compare the two events. The 2nd version was more relaxing because there wasn’t any risk of items being exhausted right away. In fact only the 3rd item was exhausted and that didn’t happen until there were about 12 hours left on the timer. This was the item we suggested most players would purchase because quantity provided more benefits than quality [1]. Comparing the 2 events isn’t as telling as it could be because of the time variable. The1st event lasted 24 hours more than the 2nd event but the outcome is surprising. There were 4 times the number of items claimed during the 1st event. Many players reported the drop rate of Berzerker Badges was lower this time so that could account for the vast difference. The good items went fast in the 1st event so it could also reflect that fact that many stopped trying as the only item left was junk. It’s funny that the total number of badges redeemed is less than the entire base about 4 years ago. This should tell Zynga that we liked Mafia Wars the way it used to be.

Berzerker Blitz 2: 3 Day Timer
Total Badges Redeemed:  14,900,820

Sports Agent [235/365] Small Spread [345/224] Hawksbill Turtle [219/291] Hefty Holder [275/204] Audible Airship [215/250]
Cost 2,000 1,000 100 50 20
Available 5,000 10,000 25,000 100,000 500,000
Limit 5 10 25 50 100
Claimed 2,095 3,361 25,000 78,154 47,106
Unclaimed 2,905 6,639 0 21,846 452,894
155,716 Total Unclaimed 484,284 Total Available 640,000
Berzerker Blitz 1: 4 Day Timer
Total Badges Redeemed: 15,821,770

Cost 1,500 500 100 40 10
Available 500 1,000 25,000 200,000 2,000,000
Limit 5 10 25 50 100
Claimed 500 1,000 25,000 200,000 407,177
Unclaimed 0 0 0 0 1,592,823
633,677 Total Unclaimed 1,592,823 Total
Unlike the last event, only 1 of the items was exhausted before the timer ran out. Last time all the item of lowest quality were gone. Zynga probably realized that by offering too few items of higher quality that players gave up. This time there were plenty of higher quality items. Most players went for the 3rd and 4th items since you could get many more of them. Once I maxed on the 3rd and 4th item, I got each of the other 3 and stopped fighting. 
Comparing the metrics reported by Facebook during the time of both events there were about 10,000 more players during the first one. If these numbers are to be believed than the average number of items each player got from this event is 1.13. That should be enough to convince anyone that these numbers are not an accurate reflection of the total number of daily active players.

Berzerker Blitz 2: 137,403 Daily Players
Berzerker Blitz 1: 148,804 Daily Players


  1. I have 4 accounts, the drop rate on all was horrible an them all

  2. Extremely poor drop rate for me, and I didn't see any difference whether the cool-down active or not. I went for the third item because i realised after the first day I would not get enough badges for the top 2 it. I got my slaughter season done on the first day (from the FL with some arenas) so it wasn't for lack of trying.

  3. We three on this computer played daily, but never even attempted to get in on this. We each got a few badges by accident, but not enough to cash in for anything. If Zynga wants everyone to play an event like this, it has to offer something for every playing style. Not everyone spends all day Fighting.

  4. They ended the event without giving everyone a chance to redeem their badges?

  5. wow already over...Missed out on using them, mind ya I would of only been able to get the cheapest one


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