Jun 4, 2014

Your Favorite 'City' in Mafia Wars


The Mafia Wars Team wants to know which is your favorite city in Mafia Wars. Location or destination would be a preferable term as not all of them are cities. I don’t know why they bothered breaking down Chicago, Brazil, London, South Africa and Mexico as they are all from the same mold with only slight variations. They left a spot for ‘Other’ which I’m sure players will add their favorite pulled destination. New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok were similar in structure and then Las Vegas and Italy were the same. Atlantic City was geared for mobile use and Manhattan was failed experiment gone horribly wrong [1], [2].  I can’t help but think this may have something to do with the mysterious image links for Las Vegas showing up in the back code [1]. To take the survey, go here.



  1. I have been a long time player and really miss Cuba, Manhattan, and Moscow

  2. I'm a guy, so ... Brazil and its beautiful female NPCs for me :)

  3. Personally New York and Moscow, some may say Cuba is almost the same as NY and Bangkok similar to Moscow, Small differences make those I prefer better for me. Las Vegas and Italy after those but from then and on I hate the tons of energy needed and bandits on all newer destinations plus the ridiculous drop rate of consumables and tons needed

  4. Cuba and/r Bangkok
    Darn ! Never wants to take my name.

  5. I selected "Other" and wrote:
    A location with something different: slot machines, competing gangs (Yokuska, like in Bangkok), fight tournaments, the need to build the location (and see it), collections that continue to produce *something* (NY, Precious Gems Collection) -- where we weren't forced to view a flash splash image before going to jobs, just to satisfy some programmer's ego. [Web developers know that forcing people to view a flash splash screen is bad.]


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