Jun 4, 2014

Las Vegas in the Back Code


Team Spockholm found some new and interesting image links in the back code. The images themselves aren’t new but their sudden appearance is. Las Vegas shut down in July of last year. If it is to return hopefully Zynga fixed the bugs that magically disappeared with it [1].



  1. Sorry Jen, i read some of the last days posts and your overconfidence concerning "bugs" make me smile a lot!

    Zynga = No Support = Bug?GetLost!

    There is a song: Dream On <-> Never loose your confidence but save money on zynga

  2. It'd be nice, but it'd be wacky to think that Zynga would actually re-open old properties unless they're doing it in the new district format. Guess you can always hope on a star... :)

  3. I noticed that my Vegas $ showed when I went to my profile page earlier today - don't know if this is new or not as I rarely go there.

    1. It's always been there, zynga tracks all your old properties for cities no longer available which sucks

  4. I wish Bangkok would come back. But whatever this is for I hope its something new and interesting.

  5. Hopefully they bring back las vegas this july because the slot machines were an easy way to finish the helper progress for your family....

  6. they should open up all the closed cities, cuba, moscow, vegas italy and bangkok

  7. they should open up italy, so i can finish the propertys


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