Jun 9, 2014

VIP Weekly Update: 06/09/2014


This weeks VIP loot items are 1 Cuban Boa (all tiers) and 1 Sand Slicer (ruby+ tiers). In addition to the loot, VIP subscribers also get +6 skill points and 50 reward points.

The Emerald Edge this week is energy points. You can buy 50 for 50 reward points if you’ve reached the Emerald tier of benefits.vip4
The VIP Flash Deal item is the Stratosphere. Get 2 if you purchase a 50 Skill Point Reallocation.vip5vip6
The Harbinger of Havoc now has stats of 456/456.vip7
The Harbinger of Destruction now has stats of 506/506.
The Harbinger of Retribution now has stats of 566/566.
This week it was announced that Platinum benefits were ‘coming soon’ and the item is the Harbinger of Annihilation which hasn’t been released yet has stats of 646/646.


  1. very ignorant people spend money on this joke

    ps I know you want post this but I know its true 48% drop in average player base in last month so I cant be wrong through june 3 rd

    1. I depends on your expendable entertainment dollars. If you are taking our a 2nd mortgage or not eating in order to pay for it than yes it wouldn't be very smart. If it's just money for entertainment purposes, it's cheaper than going out to dinner or a movie. The ignorant people are the ones who don't realize that the ones paying are keeping the game alive. If you are playing for free and feel the need to criticize the ones who spend money then I would have to say you are the very ignorant person. I'm very thankful and grateful to the ones who are spending a lot and hope they don't stop because once they do Zynga will shut the game down. If you can't wait for that to happen, why not quit now? The player base doesn't matter, it's the percentage of the player base who spend. Once that number gets too low than this game will be shut down like all the others.

    2. Very true Loot Lady. I quit the game over 3 years ago but have many friends who still play that I keep in touch with on a weekly basis. Once the big money players leave the game is over. Actually I think MW have some gas left in the tank because you still have those big money players who have invested so much they can't justify quitting after all of this time. I spend/waste lots of money on my PS3 and games because I enjoy it. My bills get paid on time so why can't I spend the money the way I choose?

  2. stupid is that stupid does

  3. IT's all phony any way ive only got 17 mafia dont finish much of anythong yet I can beat what zynga calls a hard its a joke aint nothing real about it except its a rip off joke

    guess all you money people will be playing with yourselves huh :)


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