Jun 9, 2014

40% Off Skill Points vs 2X Property Builds


Most people (even high rollers) like a good deal. Spending reward points, whether they are earned from leveling or purchased in the Marketplace, is a strategic aspect of the game. By now most players know the best thing you can spend them on is skill points because of they last forever. The 2X Property Build which was introduced in August of 2012 changed the way many of us build our skills [1]. This is because you get skill points at a cost of 1 reward point per skill point. The very limited window of opportunities on 2X Property Builds doesn’t seem to matter and many players hang on to their reward points until they can utilize the feature. There is currently an in game notification for 40% off skill points but when you check out the prices you can see it’s not a deal at all. 100 skill points will cost you 174 reward points. Is there anyone out there who would actually buy these at full price? 100 skill points for 290 reward points is a steal for Zynga! During a 2X Property Build, you could get 174 skill points for 100 reward points. This is probably why this ‘deal’ is lasting 3 hours and the 2X Property Build real deal only lasts 30 to 45 minutes. The next best option for building is the Skill Point Reallocation but you don’t get any new skill points, you just get to move things around. I will wait until the end of time (or Mafia Wars) for the next 2X Property Build. The bonus is as long as I have reward points, I have no reason to buy more. If Zynga picks up on this behavior, they will change the cost of skill points or offer longer and more frequent 2X Property Builds.



  1. Until Zynga takes action certain accounts that have obtained hundreds of thousands of skill points without spending a dime by getting 100-120 skills per level up with a cheat program then no one, except idtios, should spend a dime for reward points or skills.

  2. No Jen. next best deal is that spin, but not for all only for vip cause you can get almost 1:1
    If you are a vip you can get 20 Skill for 21 Rps and 20 health for 7 rps. Non vip get more expensive deals like 35rps for 20 skill and of course some more so ridiculous expensive deals.

  3. the double build is 1:1. The double build is slightly better than spin for VIPs so Jen is correct.

  4. I meant next best after the 2X build. Jen mention above next best after the 2x build is the reallocation which is not since you do not purchase points just reallocate. It is obvious that the spin is not the best since I mention almost 1:1

  5. When they are on sale, which I didn't add, skill point reallocation beats them all. But it's hard to compare the 2 since you don't get new skill points. I didn't mention the Spin-Stir because it's so labor intensive and you can only buy a very limited number at a time but you are right that it would be the next best deal.

  6. It is difficult to compare due to discounts etc. also the stir is good only for vip since non vip do not get the 21rps for 20 skill. The 2X build is by far the best of all if also we can take into account that the first 5 properties we can build could benefit of up to 10 hours. What I mean is, since in my country we are +10 PST at 10 o clock in the morning if i can build 5 items they count for the family xp progress and usually at about 8 o clock in the evening the 2x build starts so if I am lucky I will spend less than 12 rps for each of the first 5 properties it happens to spend 6-7 rps. After building 5 I have to spend 12 rps if want to build more.
    Lets say for the maths sake that we spend 12 rps the 1:1 (not counting the 20 health animals and some other 15 and 10 health items)
    We have 240 rps so its 240 skills
    Spin thing now for vip. 240/21 = 11 spins (231rps and we save 9 ) so 11 spins of 20 skill each = 220 skill
    So 20 less skill is not much of a difference but yes it is a difference and in long term it will be a good one


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