May 1, 2014

Will Zynga Squash the Auto-Activating Crew Bug in Mexico?


It happened when London was released and then it happened again when South Africa was released. Will Zynga take the time from stopping it in Mexico? If you are wondering what ‘it’ is, think back to when these 2 destinations were released and players found 4 of their 8 Crew positions were automatically activated [1]. The nice thing about Crew Bonuses is we the players get to decide when to use them. Nobody appreciated the fact that Zynga took it upon themselves to activate our Crew and take away members in our queues as soon as the new destinations hit. Thanks to Neil Mackay for the blast from the past and reminding us that this happened. Hopefully Zynga will remember and stop it from becoming a Three-Peat.



  1. Hope so to deactivate cause at least 2 of the crew were useless. The 2x job since when starting for first time we need money and consumables, and the property one since no properties are available or the one to collect money can be build almost instantly there is no reason to collect from 2 or 3 more of that destinations currency units.

  2. I wonder if Team Spockholm can figure out how to beat it, Because every time I use Property Manager III, that script uses up my anti-robbing crew members without my input. So that sort of auto-use must be in the code that they can see.

  3. This also happened in Chicago. Originally they started it in Brazil to show us how to activate and use the crew. They probably just left the script on from Brazil even though we all know how to use crew by now. However in Brazil we had no one in the que when it opened so they magically picked 4 random people from our mafia to be activated.

  4. zynga needs to squash their own nuts


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