May 1, 2014

How To Use Our Fan page


Our fan page exists because of the community and the players who share their knowledge of Mafia Wars with others. We also provide a place to post AddMes and Family Recruit comments and ask that they aren’t posted on the questions wall (all the admins feel really bad when we have to delete them). If you have a bug on your account, make a discovery or have a question, go to the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ section. If you want more mafia or family members or are looking for a family to join comment on our daily links pinned post. Our fan page is a great place to go to get up to date information provided by many players. I’m not on line 24/7 so these blog posts aren’t always timely. Players from many different time zones contribute to our page so the information is out there. This blog is more or less to write guides for all the too many to count Spocklets and to document and to provide a history of the game. It was never intended to be a hot off the press news source.  


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