May 13, 2014

Hacienda & Pasaporte Office Properties


The property group of Mexico is called the Mexican Domain. The release of Districts 1-3 bring us 2 of the potentially 5 properties. Although there are 5 spots on the City Property page this doesn’t mean we will get 5 properties. We only got 4 in South Africa and the release of Mexico makes it doubtful that we will get a 5th one. The 2 properties are the Hacienda which provides Pesos and the Pasaporte Office which generates consumables. Neither of these properties are very useful so I wouldn’t waste any upgrade parts on them at this time. Future properties will most likely offer energy and stamina and it would be more beneficial to upgrade those. There is also the possibility that City Missions will arrive in Mexico and some of the Mission tasks we saw in South Africa required upgrading a property 2 or 3 levels [1]. Those who rushed to upgrade got stuck on the Missions for weeks. Although we don’t recommend upgrading either of these 2 properties, the details are shown below. Consider this a historical post to be used at a later time.

The Hacienda unlocks once you master the 1st job in District 1, Tijuana.
hacienda4 mexicoproperty1
The Hacienda has 10 levels of mastery (1-10) and 6 stages of development (0-1). Stages 1-5 each represents 2 levels of mastery. Stage 0 is before the property is built. 

Once the Hacienda unlocks, click on the “Go Now” button from the popup and you will be directed to the Mexico City Property page. Click on the “Hacienda” and then you can build. hacienda5 hacienda6 hacienda7
Clicking the build button also affords you the opportunity to generate some spam.
hacienda8You will then see the details of what the Hacienda does and what is required to get to the next level.  The Hacienda generates Pesos and can be collected once every 8 hours. 
To continue upgrading, you need parts. To get them you have to beg by generating a request. Hover your mouse over any part and if there isn’t a timer, click on the “Ask” button. Each request will yield 5 parts. hacienda9
The bad part about this is you can only ask once every 18 hours. You can buy parts for 1 reward point each but patience is much cheaper.
The easiest way to ask for parts is to use the Link-a-Nator 2. If you choose the strategy of collecting but not upgrading, this is the only way to ask for parts (or use other scripts that do the same). Just click on the image of the Hacienda and choose your part. If your timer is active you will need to wait.
Upgrade parts can also be acquired as Mexico Boss Fight rewards. So far Adobe Bricks and Iron Frames have been discovered. Perhaps other parts will be offered in future districts or as free gifts. We also haven’t seen an update to the Daily Take feature since the release of Mexico and can only hope Mexico Property parts will be added soon. bossrewards1 bossrewards2bossrewards3
There are 3 places to collect from the Hacienda in the game. The first is on the Property Page, the second on the Home Page and last but not least…the Map!
collect2 hacienda15hacienda14
Once you build and get to Level 1, you can keep upgrading to Level 10. A total of 270 parts are required to get there. You can only ask for 5 parts every 18 hours.

1 1 0 0 0 1P16
2 3 1 1 1 3P32
3 5 2 2 2 5P48
4 7 3 3 3 7P64
5 9 4 4 4 9P80
6 11 5 5 5 11P96
7 13 6 6 6 13P112
8 15 7 7 7 15P123
9 17 8 8 8 17P144
10 -- -- -- -- --P160
Total 81 36 36 36 81270

A Level 10 Hacienda will generate 160 Pesos every 8 Hours. If you use your Taskmaster Bonus before collecting you can get 320 Pesos.
hacienda13 bank24
The Pasaporte Office works just like the Hacienda but at this time it can only be upgraded to Level 4. It will eventually go to Level 10 but not until more districts are unlocked. Once you master the 1st job in District 3,Chihuahua, this property will unlock and the upgrading process is the same as the other property. Individual property parts are stored in your inventory so they are shared among all the properties. You can only get 5 parts total every 8 hours and not 5 parts per property.
passport11 mexicoproperty2 d3prop passport1passport2 Like the Hacienda, the Pasaporte Office also has 10 levels of mastery (1-10) and 6 stages of development (0-1). Stages 1-5 each represents 2 levels of mastery. Stage 0 is before the property is built. At this time you can’t upgrade past Level 4 and soon those who don’t read will be asking why their Pasaporte Office is broken.
The Pasaporte Office makes consumables. Each time you upgrade to a new level more consumables unlock and the number you can make every 18 hours also increases.  Below are the items you can make for Levels 1-4. The 18 hour timer and the extremely low number of items you are allowed to make make this one of the more useless property types in the game. By the time you upgrade to Level 10 most have mastered the destination and the items are no longer needed.
passport3 passport4 passport5 passport7 The number of parts required to upgrade each level and the number of items which can be made are shown below. Until more districts are released you only need 31 parts but I wouldn’t even waste 1 on this property. 

0 0 0 0 0 00
1 0 1 1 1 11
2 1 3 3 3 31
3 2 5 5 5 52
4 -- -- -- -- --2
Total 3 9 9 9 931

A Level 4 Pasaporte Office will make only 2 consumables of your choice every 18 hours so don’t plan on mastering anything via this route.
passport12 You can craft your items on the Mexico City Property page or on the home page under the Craft tab.


  1. I have a question on your advice about not upgrading the properties now and stockpiling the parts for a later build. If I don't upgrade the property I cannot ask for more parts to stockpile them for later, or am I missing something?

    1. You missed it :) In order to do that you will have to use the Link-a-Nator 2 to ask for parts. It will generate the requests. If you have all the parts you need to get to the next level Zynga doesn't give an option in game to ask for more. The link to use the tool is in this post towards the end of the Hacienda part.

  2. My Pasaporte Office is broken ;)


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