May 12, 2014

Mexico Robbing Boards Now Open


The Robbing Boards in Mexico are now available. There isn’t much to look at because the Hacienda is the only property in Mexico which can be robbed. Until the masses have fully upgraded this property you won’t get much for robbing them either. Each Hacienda costs 10 stamina to rob and pays out 18 or 19 experience per hit. There aren’t any Pesos to be had but you do get a Wrenched Apart which is a boss fight ammo item for clearing a board (up to 30 per day unless you collect from the ZMC).

Until today, target robbing with RobberRedux was the only option if you wanted to start working on the Rabhado Blind achievement. Unlike South Africa there weren’t any players who were stuck so about 20 hits was all you could get [1]. It was way too slow to even mention. and plus I’ve been short on time. rob5robberredux Now you can fire-up Robber BG and have it done in no time at all.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, they now broke robbing for the daily fix. If you get a robbing task it will never complete. Even robbed in all city locations (8-1 or 9-0) and still I have to complete the Daily Fix of robbing 2 times in Chicago. Good Job Zynga!


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