May 28, 2014

When Will More Mexico Districts Unlock?


According to the Mexico Map, there are a total of 11 districts. Districts 1-3 were released 3 weeks ago and some players are already asking if we know when the next district(s) of Mexico will unlock. The City Missions released today should keep them at bay for a while but to answer the question, only Zynga knows. We can look at the release pattern of South Africa and guess but as you can see below there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. My best guess would be that next District in Mexico will unlock within a month. it will take longer than that to get past Mission 2 so hopefully they will wait.

South Africa Release Date Release DayTime Interval
Districts 1-3 August 8th Thursday
District 4 September 19th Thursday~ 6 weeks
Districts 5-6 September 26th Thursday~ 1 week
District 7 November 6th Wednesday~5.5 weeks
District 8 November 20th Wednesday~ 2 weeks
District 9 November 29th Friday~ 1.5 weeks
District 10 December 27th Friday~ 4 weeks
Districts 1-3 May 8, 2014 Thursday~4.5 months
Districts 4-11

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