May 28, 2014

Daily Fix & Lucky Streak Reset Issues


For about a week now many have noticed that the Daily Fix presents itself with the previous days task. This has cause many to miss days because if they aren’t paying attention it looks like they have already finished. I’ve gotten a few red x’s myself. The Lucky Streak will open without a free spin and was the reason many of us assumed Zynga did away with them [1]. Reloading the game doesn’t always fix it but reloading the page does. To do this simply click any any tab within a loaded game. I usually click the home tab. Thanks to all who posted on our page about the issue and to Chase and Eike for the fix.


1 comment:

  1. For me that wont fix it. If yesterdays task was London fighting for instance and I am in Ny at reset I actually have to go to the London fighting page. I tried just reloading, clicking on a tab and just going to that city and none of that worked. The same with tasks like wars, I actually have to go to the war tab. The Lucky Streak is somehow connected because once I get the Daily Fix to reset then the Lucky streak gives me my free spin.


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