May 21, 2014

Operation Event Review


This Operations Event is no different than the previous one. They have the same layout (5 each of Easy, Medium and Hard Operations), the same requirements, payouts and rewards and the same bugs still persist. The best thing about Operation Events is you have the option to utilize your resources if you so desire but if you are conserving them for other things like a new destination or fight event then you can let your mafia do all the work. This may sound selfish but remember when we advised that leaders didn’t participate in their own Operations because it held up a spot that someone else may want? If you use a Operations help group there are plenty of players trying to max out on the loot and if used properly this event can be finished in less than a day. The helper limit is 150 Operations per day and there are plenty of players willing and able to help you. Many players forget that helpers don’t need to be your Facebook friend or in your mafia so any player can help you. To find the ones who want to do your Operations, go here, read the instructions and get this event mastered. Below is a review of the re-occurring bugs, different types of rewards that can be gained from Operations as well as the benefits of doing these jobs.

There are several different types of rewards to be had from Operation Events. The obvious are the leader and helper rewards. Leaders get 4 items and helpers get 3. These items are earned once the Operation (yours or another players) are collected.
If you share the rewards, you can (in theory) put more of these loot items into the news feeds. This brings up our first bug. The requests for helper rewards don’t work and sharing them will only pollute the news feeds with spam. This is one of Mallory Knox’s pet peeves and there have been many posts about it yet many defective news feed request are everywhere. No matter how fast you click on these it will say you are too late. You aren’t late, the bots didn’t get them, they just don’t work.
Sharing the leader rewards does work on occasion but it’s not 100%. You can try between your main and an alternate account and you will see they don’t work every time. I’m not sure why this is but if you can catch working requests, you can get more reward items. The bots will find these so most likely you won’t see them. Zynga needs to fix all the requests or remove them from the reward pop-upreward6reward7
As a leader you also have the option to give a gift to the participants in your Operation. You can only do this while waiting for them to finish because once the collect option appears it not longer works. Just hover your mouse over the player you would like to give a gift to and a request will be generated.
rewards6rewards7rewards8 rewards9 I wouldn’t waste much time on this because none of the rewards are that great. Does it look like anyone who has fully upgraded their Weapons Depot years ago need another Forge?
In theory there is yet another way to give more rewards but it doesn’t work. While doing Operation jobs you will randomly get ‘Bonus Payments’. You get the reward and you should be able to gift it with the players in your mafia. Zynga has yet to update the gifting page to be compatible with the current ZMC. This has been a bug since the 1st Operations Event. Zynga should just remove the option to share these items as it makes them look bad because it's such an easy fix.
rewards10rewards11There are a few more bugs related to this event but none that will kill progress. A common one is that players will receive 2 batches of Operations instead of one. When this happens just do 5 of them on the lowest level and you can progress. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else. The extra Operations don’t count towards mastery. Many times the ask for help buttons don’t work or the rewards don’t load. Both of these can be cured with a refresh which is also annoying but necessary.
As stated above, many players want to do as many Operations as possible. The ratios are really good and non-serial levelers can often serial from helping out on your Operations. For the past few events the ratios have been pretty standard and some get to 2.5 in the hard range. The tables below show the ratios for all 15 the Operations of Soviet Sting.
easyratios mediumratios hardratios In addition to the great ratios, helping on other players Operations also provides the opportunity to load up on helpful loot. I’m a VIP subscriber and 4 out of the 6 possible rewards help me. It seems for this event the overall loot scores of the rewards are more helpful than in previous ones.
Zynga also fixed the display error of the Doom’s Cleaver. When it was added to the inventory it had a quality of Ultimate [1]. It is now Uncommon as the stats and availability reflect.
To monitor your Operation loot rewards, use the Inventory Group 2 Spocklet. You can see how many you have and clicking on the red X will tell you how many you need to max. Items that don’t help your score or you are already maxed on will have a green check mark next to them.  rewards13 rewards14 Doing 150 Operations per day takes some determinations, a good help group and scripts. Use the Italian Files Operation group mentioned at the beginning of this post and the Operator in conjunction with each other and you should be well on your way. Demon also has the ability to do Operations. Once you help in your 150th Operation for the day, you will get a message with a timer letting you know when you can do more. Their message makes no sense because it gives you the options to find more requests or continue and you aren’t able to do either of those.
Finding help on your Operation is as easy as clicking a few links and buttons. Load the Operator, click the load links for your own Operations. In addition to the links which go to your Operation, there is also information on what type (easy, medium and hard) as well as the name so Operation Hunters don't have to guess or load a page to find out. Whoever says these Operation helpers are hard to find isn’t trying all the options. Again the beauty of it all is you don’t have to waste any of your own resources to master the event. You just need to manage your own Operations and make sure your helpers are trying.
Then simply copy and paste your links anywhere you think there are players eager to do your Operations. Paste them in help groups, your family group, your own news feeds, etc.. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure the groups you post them in allow it.
Maxing on Operations for the day requires managing your My Mafia Operations queue. You can only have 10 Operations going at any time so you need to help in places where players get them done. Slackers and Campers in other peoples Operations are dangerous because you only have the ability to boot the ones in your own. You can harass these players by sending them messages but that’s about all you can do as a helper. For details on how to contact one of these players or the leader of the stalled Operation, go here.
If you find Slackers or Campers in your own Operations you can make a post which will show up on their wall.


  1. I post my op in 2 different groups, its not anymore work and i guess it can help you complete them even quicker, atleast thats what im thinking, it can be wrong but hey, its not that much work when you need to bump your post up to the top to get help, not for me atleast.
    So people can try to post in 2 groups, all though most members are the same in all the big op helper group.

    You also have this group that you can post it in also, easy to get help there also.

    1. I use this group too but they have a lot of rules, the admins are quite bitchy and only 1 post at a time is allowed. And when I say the admins are bitchy, unreasonably bitchy. However they are pretty fast. Not 5 min fast like the name of the group would imply. They want you to remove people after 5 mins or post about why you didn't do it. The Italian Files group is so busy it is sometimes harder to get help but if you wait until later on in the event they are very fast.

    2. THats maybe true, i dont care, some of my ops have been there for like 20-30min, while im spamming it to the top.
      And i dont care about rules, i didnt know about the 1 post rule before way later when i actually bothered to read the rules, i only post 1 op at the time no matter what group, that should have been a rule in every op group if you ask me, much more clean and less chaos if you ask me.
      I havent had any problems with the admins, ive gotten my post removed two times, but that was because i didnt update it at all for 30min or something.
      But yes, i dont think many care about the 5min rule, i dont and im not gonna give any reason to why my ops arent done in 5min either, what they mean about 5min is that they want people who join the op to be done in about 5min, thats how i think they mean it, but i can be wrong of course.

      But hey, bitches be crazy.

  2. Unfortunately for me, the refresh of my game does not cure the fact that I have a double batch of operations on the medium level. It showed up last night when I progressed to that level & did not go away when I opened up my game this morning. It still shows I have 9 to complete on medium, even after playing on & off all day. I opened up a support ticket with a screenshot about 11 hours ago. The 1st email I received told me that on a review of my account, it was only showing the normal amount, but to please provide a screenshot if it was still a I provided 6 with a detailed explanation! It's been more difficult to get them done this time, probably because there are so many things going on in the game. I am still waiting for a resolution to my problem - go figure.

    1. Did you finish 5 unique ones? The players I know who have had this bug got the 5 hard operations once they finished the 1st group of medium one. The extra ones shouldn't affect progress and you could even ignore them if your bug is like the ones of the past. We never know if it's a different one and doesn't behave the same.

    2. No, I haven't finished the medium level yet. I've been posting the same op over & over again all day & have only gotten 1 helper. I guess I'll have to wait & see what happens once I complete them.

  3. Well...I have an update: my issue has been resolved. I logged back in to find I was now on the hard level of ops! Support completed the level, upgraded the mastery item, and even gave me the loot I would have collected along the way. I have to say I am please. I hope the guy that was stuck in my op all day was also rewarded.

    Thanks, Jennifer!

  4. i have come across a error, when i wanna join my own operations. it says the following: . now that is very strange cause i am hans.

  5. My personal opinion is - it seems bad form to immediately offer all ops to strangers in op groups before taking the time to see if personal mafia would like to help by actually COMMUNICATING with them. Seems foolish letting strangers max on the loot instead of friends and then being iced by them on the fight list :P

  6. The Italian Files should rename it the camper group

  7. Do we get to keep the different level mastery rewards (i.e. the Dragon King Betta) as we complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels? And can they be gifted to Family Properties?

    1. You only get to keep the highest one and I'm pretty sure you can add it to the Family Property. To check, see if it's on the list. If it is then it can be added.


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