May 22, 2014

Crafter’s Choice 16: Trapped Torture


The 16h season of the Crafter’s Choice Event is now available. This one is called Trapped Torture and works the same as all the ones before it. We have a total of 7 days to collect as many consumable items as possible and then use them to build and upgrade the loot items of our choice. We haven’t had a Crafter’s Choice Event in over 4 months [1]. In case a refresher is needed, walkthorugh is provided below.

cc12 The details are provided in game by clicking on the help mark. The instructions also serve as a tracker as the numbers will change as you collect consumables. The Crafter’s Choice Helper by Team Spockholm provides a much easier and faster way to tracker your consumables.
cc13 cc23
The 2 items we can build and upgrade are the Sure Strike and the Perforator. There are 5 levels of mastery for each item and their stats are listed below. The Ruby and Emerald Level Sure Strike comes with +1 and +2 energy and the Ruby and Emerald Level Perforator comes with +1 and +2 stamina.
Sure Strike
cc7cc8cc9cc10cc11 Perforator
The number of parts needed to build each item are listed below. To maximize the value of the rewards you will want to build Ruby or Emerald Level items only because those come with skill points. The loot will be outdated so I wouldn’t focus on the first 3 levels. In the first 14 seasons of this event we needed 25 parts to build items 10+ and up. This was changed to 20 parts on the last event and remains the same for this one.

Event 16
Event 15
Events 1-14
You only need to upgrade each level one time then you can build as many times as you want. Or you can build items and upgrade once later. Zynga is so flexible with this event and the choice is yours! You need 100 parts to upgrade an item to the Emerald Level.
Blind Hatreds are what we need to upgrade and built the items shown above. Our goal for the next 7 days will be to collect as many as possible.
As with anything good in the game, Zynga does impose limits. You can ask our mafia for Blind Hatreds every two hours and get up to 10 per request. There is a cap of 30 per day via this method so if your timer shows more than 2 hours you have reached the cap and it goes to the reset time which is 12AM PST. To ask for these parts, click the ‘Ask’ button from the Home Page banner.
Post your request and wait for your mafia to help. Ask again in 2 hours until you collect 30.cc17When you click on “Send Parts”, you will get a part too. You can gain an additional 10 Blind Hatreds per day by helping your mafia. There are no caps on these posts so as many mafia that click on them will get a part and there are no caps on how many players you can send parts to.
The Stream Scanner by Team Spockholm makes this process much easier. You can get your 10 Blind Hatreds and help out your mafia in just a few clicks. After running a scan, click on the “craftersChoice” Tab and hit the “Click Links” button.
You can get 5 Blind Hatreds per day from doing jobs. They will drop randomly in all jobs in all destinations. The drop rate is not good but most players should be able to get 5 per day. If you don’t have a lot of energy, try doing cheaper jobs.
You can get an additional 5 items from doing jobs if Blind Hatreds drop while the Lockpick Bonus is active in Brazil, Chicago, London, South Africa or Mexico. The additional parts will not show up on your tracker but they are added to your pool.
lockpick1 lockpick2
While doing a job in Mexico, a Blind Hatred dropped and you can see the green boarder to indicated I got two of them. You now have 100 chances to get an item to drop with the Lockpick bonus activated every 8 hours.
To break it down, you can get up to a maximum of 50 Blind Hatreds per day for free. The reset time is the same as Family Progression at 12am PDT. If you collect the maximum number of parts per day, you should end up with 350 once the event is over (315 if you don’t take advantage of the Lockpick Bonus).

Type Max #/24 hours
Ask In Feeds 30
Help In Feeds 10
Do Jobs 5
Lockpick Drops5
Total/Event 350

There is always the option to purchase Blind Hatreds with reward points but we don’t recommend this for two reasons. The stats of the loot items will eventually become obsolete and skill points can be purchased much cheaper by speeding up your crafting timers. The only instance in which it’s worth it is if you are short a few consumables to build one more item and that cost would be cheaper than what 2 skill points (or 1 if you only upgraded to Ruby) would cost.
When you want to start building or upgrading, go to the Home Page banner and click on the Build/Upgrade button.
The crafting page will then appear. It costs 10, 20, 30, and 40 Blind Hatreds to upgrade to the Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald levels for each item. This comes to a total of 200 Blind Hatreds to get your items fully upgraded. Remaining Blind Hatreds are used to build items before or after they are upgraded. As you build more items, the cost to build them will increase as shown in the image above.  There is no right or wrong way to do it so that’s why it’s your choice!
If you aren’t sure how you want to go about upgrading and building then use the Crafter’s Choice Advisor by Team Spockholm.
The second phase of the event lasts for 5 days or until you collect your items. You can upgrade and build items as you go or wait until the last 5 days. Again, it’s your choice. You won’t get the items until you collect them so it really doesn’t matter. I prefer to upgrade and build as I go. Once the “Collect” button becomes un-shadowed we will get the items we have built at the level we have upgraded them plus the skill points. It’s best to do this as soon as possible because the banner will be removed from your Home Page and you will be done with it.

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