May 27, 2014

Mexico City Missions Walkthrough


City Missions were released in Mexico and they are quite brutal. For those who love challenges, this should keep you busy until District 4 arrives. Like previous City Missions, the ones in Mexico have the same task requirements for all accounts regardless of level or energy/stamina pools. There are only 8 Missions and they only involve Districts 1-3. If you already ruby mastered these districts, it will take a lot of energy to complete them. These Missions aren’t timed so it will just be annoying for a while. You will find a few tasks like Boss Fights auto-checked if you have already completed them. The property upgrade tasks are only auto-checked if you have a fully upgraded property. In order to master all the Mission you will need to complete District 3 on the Gold Level. All 8 Missions as well as a job and consumable list are shown below. I’ve included the reward popups because they have half of the story line on them. Players seemed excited for a Mexican Prison Break story and this would be it.

The Mission Banner on the home page comes from one of the jobs in District 2 and was also included on the Splash page for the destination. This with all the prison hype of the pre-release made many think the story line of the jobs would be a little more exciting. District 3 goes off on a tangent of some lady protecting her child so the Mission storyline may provide some entertainment. 
Mexico City Missions are hosted by Vasco Luto and we learn another one of the tatted up inmates names. Igon Reyes is on the right of the final image that we were exposed to during the pre-release event and Vasco is on the left [1]. The guy in the middle has yet to be identified by name.
One thing to remember about City Missions is you need to be in the proper destination in order for them to appear. If you travel to South Africa (or anywhere else), your Mexico City Missions will disappear. There is no need to contact Customer Support, simply travel back to Mexico and they will magically appear.
If you want to share the tasks of these Missions, copy and paste them anywhere.

Mission 1: South Side


Mission 2: A God In Chains


Mission 3: Knock Knock


Mission 4: Low Blow


Mission 5: Tense Times


Mission 6: Sky High!


Mission 7: The Run-Around


Mission 8: The Waiting Bullet


The jobs required for these Missions are shown below.

Mission 1: Jobs 4 & 10 District 1
Consumable Required: Golden Stash
Mission 2: Any Tijuana Job
Best Ratio: Declare War On Rival's Hacienda (2.093)
Drop Required: Lords Pet
Warning: Very Poor Drop Rate ~1 per 150-250 jobs
Mission 4: Job 8 District 1
Consumable Required: Golden Stash
Loot Drop Required
Mission 4: Job 4 District 2
Mission 6: Job 9 District 2
Consumable Required: Crate of Street Goods
To complete these Missions you also need to silver master District 2 and gold master District 3.
The useless consumable which you will need to beg for a few times is the Static Shot.
The rewards include loot, Pesos, reward points and large experience bonuses which are based off your level. Missions 7 and 8 offer a mastery item. If you complete all 8 Missions you will end up with 2 mastery items and 3 each of the milestone rewards plus 10 reward points.


  1. What happens to "Win Three Rounds With Videl" when you have already defeated him (all 15x)?

    1. When you get to that mission, that task should be checked off -- the same if you have already max upgraded the given property when a mission calls for upgrade.

    2. they delete you from the system Matt

    3. Matt answer is it gets a checkmark and you dont have to do it

    4. it should be auto checked....duh

    5. So in this one it does give you credit for completing the task if you had it done already. On previous events Zyga screwed you if the property was already fully upgraded and you needed to "upgrade twice to get credit for the mission there was no way around but to pay. Now you get screwed with the Lords pet instead. if you already leveled to Ruby on the first district your sunk. I did 570 jobs at 4092 energy each for Rob Rival Cartel's Latest Shipment and ZERO Lord's Pet Drops. I have hundreds from bronze tier before the mission but in THAT case the previously owned items don't help.

  2. Lord's pet not dropping in Tijuana for Part 2

  3. Lord's Pet drop rate blows - big 3 in a day - long live Party Secretary Zynga...

  4. The loot drops on the jobs are ridiculous! Do they think everyone has 500k energy?! Most people will take 5 years to complete the first loot job.

  5. mission 2 the loot from the job has not dropped for me at all have you heard anything on this? ive done the job 400 times not one piece of loot

  6. 211 jobs and did not find a single Lord's Pet. I am done until they fix this drop rate (if they do)..

  7. Does anyone know what insane number of parts are required to complete level 5 of the Hacienda? I should remember that Zynga pulls this crap whenever a new city/country opens. Just at level 4 of the Hacienda, it requires 37 parts, with great difficulty in obtaining said parts, as most of the time the person trying to send the part is told "The person has already reached his limit", when ZERO parts have been added!

    1. dont forget the daily take, you can double your build.

      I expect this is a dud, zinga slowed game play so slow, took too long to release this event, and did not test it. its not just a nerf, its a dead stick!

  8. At 5 parts per day this will only take 8 days or so, so get on it!

    It really sucks that I won't be able to participate because of this. I'm also on level 4, and by the time I get this completed the mission event will be over.

  9. They get everyone to upgrade their jobs to ruby with this... Then guess what comes next.... Family events with lots of jobs in Mexico... Zynga hates us lol

  10. Thank you for posting this, Loot Lady! Forewarned is forearmed, and I can plan my play. I just might wait now to do this un-timed mission until after the next Family Business. :) Thanks for the info so I can do some strategery with my game. ;-)

  11. I give this a bust unless you bring your plastic to the table, not me. I'm already looking for an exit strategy, mabe in a month or so, feel like winding down slowly.

  12. I'm still on the silver and bronze levels (whatever it took to open each district) because if you look back at the posts from when Mexico first opened, we were told that missions would probably come out later (expected right when most would rush to complete everything). So for those of us with more patience...."they" didn't get us to upgrade. Some are in such hurries - to get where??

  13. By the time I collect all the Lords Pet the reward won't even register , it will be less than common.........

  14. I get zero Pets, and have probably tried 1000 times now. I know probabilities, but this could be a glitch for some ?

  15. Over 300 jobs completed using well over 1 million in energy without a single drop of the Lords Pet - I have decided to give this mission a miss and and some have stated above, and many in my MW family, it may be time to call it a day.

  16. I have spent over 100K in energy and NOT ONE Lord's Pet has dropped! This mission sucks. What is the trick to it????

  17. Now it seems like the goose not dropping on mission 4, and thats sucks because you need the Golden stash for that job.

  18. Anyone know if the Lords pet drop rate has changes so we can start the mission?

  19. Looks like The Lords pet drop rate has changed ... Got all mine in less than 50 clicks.

  20. finished them all, not a single reward point spent. not even 3 weeks to do it. these used to be harder. whiners and "if I don't finish this in 24 hours or less it's not fair"win, while real players lose out.

  21. LPs? WTF? Zynga hates us!!!!!

  22. I finished it yesterday.. though wondering if they'll add more now that they have added the additional cities.


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