May 27, 2014

5 Free Blind Hatreds


The notification gift for the day is 5 Blind Hatred and this one can be put to good use. Blind Hatreds are for the current Crafter’s Choice event and surprisingly it hasn’t yet expired! These notification links are added to the pinned post on our fan page daily once they are available (times vary). If you still aren’t getting notifications for these gifts or the links don’t work, go here for instructions on how to adjust your settings. Many times you need to click the link more than once and it eventually works. For a list of all the possible daily notification gifts, go here. Thanks to our admins for posting these everyday.


1 comment:

  1. I have a mini who has never once gotten a notification gift of any kind in the year and a half since the account was created. I have posted in the forums. Checked my settings but the box for notifications has been on since day 1, so I change it back and forth about 15 times over the time I have had the account. I have tried clicking the links but no matter how many times I do it will not work.


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