May 19, 2014

Max Energy Too Low in Mexico


UPDATE: The same changes that were made in South Africa were applied to Mexico.

Since Mexico is a copy/paste of South Africa (replace the Bonus District with Battle Mexicana) it shouldn’t be a surprise that the ‘Max Energy Too Low’ issue is also present in this destination [1]. In the example below, Darren Hopkinson has a total energy pool of 4,632 and all the jobs on the Ruby level of District 1 require more energy than he has available. In order to combat this issue in South Africa, there was a change so that Energy Packs and property collections would add to the total pool [1]. Then the overall requirements were reduced to make it possible for energy challenged to progress [1]. At this time I’m not sure if the updates seen in South Africa crossed over to Mexico. If you know, please comment. Many thanks to Darren for the screen shot.



  1. Lets hope Z will change this but to be honest I do not think so. Z gave us a kind of warning for the future destinations with SA so we should add to our energy and not in other skills. I am afraid they try to compensate players so those with tons of energy can add now to attack-defense and be stronger in fights, and strong fighters to stay put by adding to energy, or forcing more players to purchase rps become vip etc so can add in energy.

  2. Funny how some people didnt learn anything from SA.

  3. If players neglect their energy skills then that's on them. It pays to build a well rounded character. I have no problem whatsoever with the energy requirements.


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